November 1999 Table of Contents

Designing Better Kitchens Designing Better Kitchens

Many common kitchen design elements are inefficient or downright dangerous. These guidelines from a kitchen specialist will help you create kitchens that not only look great and work well, but are safe to use. Read more

Keeping Brick Veneer Walls Dry Keeping Brick Veneer Walls Dry

Contrary to popular perception, brick is not waterproof. Water gets behind it and can rot the structure and ruin finishes. A brick design expert describes the flashing and weep details that ensure water can get out from behind brick veneer before it causes problems. Read more

Making Sense of the Energy Code

The MEC provides three ways to comply: simple prescriptive rules, a “tradeoff” approach, and performance design. An energy consultant tells how to decide which method best fits your project. Read more

Structuring a Construction Business

A tax consultant outlines the pros and cons of the four common business tax structures — sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, and limited liability company — and provides guidelines for choosing the right one. Read more


Painting wood siding, venting metal roofs Read more


Street-side garages banned in Portland, beware the Formosan termite, drywall dust hazard, patenting architectural ideas, new masonry code, recycling old shingles Read more

Q&A: Crawlspace Mildew

Q: How can I get rid of mildew growing on joists in an insulated crawlspace? The mildew is only on the bottom edges and sides of the joists where the batt insulation doesn’t cover them. I suspect it’s from warm, humid air wafting through the basement in the summer. The soil is basically dry. Read more

Q&A: Adding Living Space Over a Deck Q&A: Adding Living Space Over a Deck

Q: A client wants to build a heated room over an existing deck. I’m suggesting that we insulate the deck floor by placing two layers of 2-inch "polyiso" foam board between the existing joists. Two layers should bring the floor to the required R-30 after discounting for heat loss through the joists. Will this work, and what should I do to protect the foam board from moisture, insects, fire, and so forth? Read more

Q&A: Vinyl Siding Without Paper?

Q: Is it a good idea to install vinyl siding over OSB sheathing without putting up any housewrap or felt? I see this more and more often, and wonder whether the OSB should be protected since vinyl is fairly leaky. Apparently there is nothing in the codes against this practice. Read more

By Design: Handsome Handrails

Designing elegant deck rails Read more

Strictly Business: Clients and Their Budgets

Nailing down the budget with prospective clients Read more

New Tools for 2000

We scouted the 1999 National Hardware Show for the tools we think will make you more productive in the coming year. Read more


Rotting wood repair kit, removable concrete anchor, neck strap for safety glasses, hand cleaner towels, new slide dimmer switch, tough polycarbonate glazing panels Read more

Toolbox: Wrenchless Routers and Grinders

Wrenchless routers and grinders Read more

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Going into business for yourself, high-velocity hvac Read more

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