October 2000 Table of Contents

Foundation Footing Fundamentals JLC Classic Foundation Footing Fundamentals

Concrete expert Brent Anderson explains the code rules and structural issues surrounding foundation footings. Included are discussions of when and where to place rebar and what to do if a footing is poured slightly out of place. Read more

Guiding Your Client to Job Satisfaction

Creating the job of “customer liaison” helped one remodeling business keep clients happy from the beginning to the end of a project. Here’s how it works. Read more

Pan Flashing a Chimney Pan Flashing a Chimney

In the face of Cape Cod’s wind-driven rain, lead pan flashings have successfully protected chimney openings for decades. A mason explains the installation process. Read more

Q&A: Job-Site Glues Q&A: Job-Site Glues

Is white glue as strong as yellow glue? What’s the best glue to use when you can’t clamp the joint? We asked adhesives experts to answer these and many other questions, plus did a little testing of our own. Read more


Drip-edge requirements clarified; building science is getting too complex; insulation under metal roofs Read more


Spanish on the job site; sting operations trap unlicensed contractors; insurance discounts for wind-resistant houses; contractor behind iron bars for lead paint violations Read more

Q & A
Q&A: Cracking Tiles in Shower

Q: I have been called to inspect a shower with ceramic tile walls. The substrate is cementitious backerboard, and as far as I can tell, the tile was installed with thinset. There are hairline cracks running through the tiles on all three walls, both vertical and horizontal. There is a ceramic soap dish in the corner, and even it is cracked. It doesn’t appear that there has been any movement in the floor or the walls. What could be causing the cracking? Read more

Q&A: Air Quality Problem in Entry

Q: I have been called to solve an air-quality problem at a house with air-lock entries. The house has hydronic heat. The vestibules have no mechanical ventilation, and the air quality is poor. What type of ventilation do you suggest for these very small rooms? Read more

Makeup Air for Fireplaces and Exhaust Fans Makeup Air for Fireplaces and Exhaust Fans

Pat Huelman explains why a house with both a fireplace and a large cooktop exhaust fan can be a disastrous combination. Read more

Solid 6x6 Deck Posts vs. Built-Up

Q: When I need a 6x6 deck post, I usually assemble a built-up column from three 2x6s. Is this kind of post equal in strength to a 6x6? Read more

Q&A: Finding the Center of a Circle Q&A: Finding the Center of a Circle

Q: If I am presented with a portion of a circle (an arc), how can I determine the size (diameter) of the circle that the arc is part of? Read more

Q&A: Removing Stains From Wood Beams

Q: I have some 8x16-inch Douglas fir beams that have black stains from the steel saddles. How can I remove the stains? Can I use a solution of oxalic acid crystals? Read more

Q&A: Glue for Freezing Temperatures

Q: What is the best exterior wood glue to use in below freezing temperatures? Read more

Q&A: Repairing Veneer Over Particleboard

Q: What glues work best for repairing veneer over particleboard (for example, on a cabinet end panel)? Read more

Q&A: Gluing Wood Trim to Drywall

Q: What glue works best to fasten wood trim to drywall in a house with steel studs, where the baseboards and casings need to be glued? Read more

Q&A: Glues That Can Fill Gaps

Q: What’s the best wood glue for less than ideal joints requiring gap filling? Read more

Q&A: Polyurethane Glue With Wet Wood

Q: Is it possible for wood to be too wet for polyurethane glue? Read more

Q&A: Gluing to End-Grain

Q: What’s the best wood glue for end-grain applications — miter joints, for example? Read more

Q&A: White vs. Yellow Glue for Interior Trim

Q: For gluing joints in interior wood trim that will never get wet, is white carpenter’s glue as strong as yellow carpenter’s glue? Read more

Q&A: Will Freezing Ruin Yellow Glue?

Q: If a joint assembled with yellow carpenter’s glue freezes before it cures, will the joint lose its strength? Read more

Q&A: Water-Based Glues That Are Water-Resistant

Q: Are there any water-borne glues that are water-resistant? Read more

Q&A: Best Glue for Exterior Trim

Q: For gluing exterior wood trim components that will be exposed to the weather, but not submerged under water, what’s best: resorcinol, epoxy, or a polyurethane glue? Read more

Q&A: Polyurethane Adhesive Vs. Polyurethane Caulk

Q: What’s the difference between polyurethane construction adhesive and polyurethane caulk? In a pinch, can polyurethane caulk be used as an adhesive? Read more

Q&A: Using Hot-Melt Glue For Clamping

Q: Some trim carpenters use a dab of hot-melt glue in the center of a joint bonded with yellow carpenter’s glue, so that the hot-melt glue holds the trim pieces together without clamping. Will such a joint be as strong as a clamped joint? Read more

Q&A: Polyurethane Glue Clean-Up

Q: What is the best way to clean polyurethane adhesive from skin? How about from carpeting? Read more

Q&A: Best Glue for MDF

Q: What glue works best with MDF? Read more

Q&A: Best Applications for Hot-Melt Glue

Q: Some builders use hot-melt glue for temporary jigs. Can hot-melt glue also be used for a permanent bond? What types of applications make sense for hot-melt glue? Read more

Q&A: Best Glue Without Clamping

Q: What’s the best glue to use for a wood joint when it is impossible to clamp the joint? Read more

Q&A: Best Subfloor Adhesive for Wet Conditions

Q: Which construction adhesives are best for gluing plywood subfloors to joists under wet conditions? Read more

Q&A: Dissasembling Yellow Glue Joints

Q: After a wood joint glued with yellow carpenter’s glue has cured, is there any way to disassemble the joint? Read more

Q&A: Construction Adhesives: Solvent- vs. Water-Borne

Q: Are there differences in performance between water-borne and solvent-borne construction adhesives? Read more

Q&A: Silicone Caulk as an Adhesive

Q: Can silicone caulk be used as an exterior glue? How does it compare in strength to Titebond II or a polyurethane glue? Read more

Q&A: Adhesive Caulk for Backsplashes

Q: I’ve heard that an adhesive caulk does not bond as strongly as glue. Is an adhesive caulk like Phenoseal strong enough to attach a kitchen backsplash to drywall? Read more

Q&A: Water-Resistant Glue Standards

Q: Are the terms "water-resistant" and "waterproof" based on any technical standards? Read more

Q&A: Fastening Accessories to Ceramic Tile

Q: What is the best glue for fastening bathroom accessories to ceramic tile walls? Read more

Q&A: Repairing Laminate Countertops

Q: What type of glue is best for repairing laminate that is beginning to lift at the edge of a kitchen countertop? Read more

By Design: Seamless Additions

Elements of the well-designed addition Read more

Strictly Business: Bonus by Whimsy

An unconventional bonus plan Read more


Carpentry texts get graded Read more

Kitchen & Bath

Quick hanger for heavy loads; vent-boot for the color conscious; solar-activated attic fan; spray-on roof patch; foundation crack repair kit; mortarless retaining wall; clear cement caulk; sound-reducing underlayment; premolded skylight curb flashing; more Read more

Toolbox: Plasti-Tacker Pro

Hitachi Plasti-Tacker Pro review Read more

Backfill: Water Flowing Underground

Everything you never wanted to know about septic systems Read more

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