September 2000 Table of Contents

Choosing a Whole-House Ventilation System

Homeowners and code officials are beginning to insist on better mechanical ventilation systems. A ventilation expert helps you choose the best system for your climate. Read more

Deck Railing Options

Plastic, wood-composite, and metal railing systems simplify installation and reduce maintenance while giving your clients the look they want. Read more

Delivering Exceptional Service

A Midwestern remodeler shares the customer service methods that have worked for her business to boost client satisfaction and generate referrals. Read more

Installing Manufactured Stairs Installing Manufactured Stairs

A manufactured staircase can outstrip the site-built version in price and quality. A custom builder takes us into the stair shop and onto the job site for a firsthand look. Read more

Tool Test: Jigsaws Tool Test: Jigsaws

Toolless blade clamps and smooth, vibration-free cutting make these tools easier than ever to use. Read more

Top Quality Three-Coat Stucco Top Quality Three-Coat Stucco

A veteran stucco contractor and industry expert describes the ingredients that make for a durable, trouble-free exterior. Read more


Guaranteed completion dates win the contract; undermount sinks; defending polyisocyanurate insulation; more Read more


High school vo-tech programs in decline; fiber-cement roofing woes; photovoltaic glazing; faulty hvac system proves deadly; more Read more

Q & A
A Trim Detail to Hide Truss Movement A Trim Detail to Hide Truss Movement

Truss uplift can cause a big problem at the intersection of ceilings and interior walls. This crown detail will conceal the paint-line reveal when the ceiling moves. Read more

Q&A: Foundation Trench Near Concrete Driveway Q&A: Foundation Trench Near Concrete Driveway

Q: Our remodeling company has contracted to do a room addition that will be elevated over an existing concrete driveway. We will need to install a concrete footing at the edge of the existing driveway slab. I’m worried that when we excavate for the footing, the fill under the slab will cave into the trench, leaving a void. How should we repair the undermined area? Read more

Q&A: Grounding a Steel-Framed House

Q: Do steel-framed homes have special requirements for electrical grounding? Read more

Q&A: Bracing Foam Sheathed Walls

Q: Here in Wisconsin, I have always built my homes with 2x6 studs, R-19 fiberglass batts, and 1/2-inch OSB sheathing. I am considering switching to 2x4 studs, R-13 batts, and 1-inch R-7 foam sheathing, using metal T-braces for racking resistance. The cost of the two systems appears to be about the same. I like the fact that the foam sheathing stops thermal bridging at the studs. My question is: Will the metal T-braces provide a frame that is rigid enough? Read more

Q&A: Repairing a Chipped Laminate Countertop

Q: During a countertop installation, one of the screws popped through and chipped off a 1/4-inch-diameter piece of laminate. Is there a way to make a repair without replacing the whole countertop? Read more

Q&A: Painting Asbestos Shingles

Q: We will be painting a house that’s sided with asbestos-cement shingles. What type of paint is best? Assuming the shingles contain asbestos, do we need to take any precautions? Read more

Strictly Business: Coping with Owner-Supplied Materials

How to handle a client who wants to supply materials Read more

Legal Adviser: Copyrighting Your Design

Copyright protection for your designs Read more

Kitchen & Bath

Connectors for pigtail wiring; UV-protective clothing; large capacity dehumidifier; rolling work center; wood tiles; easy-pull form stakes; colorful glass sinks; composite lumber fasteners; more Read more

Backfill: Construction on Ice

Building down under — way down under Read more

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