February 2001 Table of Contents

Green Building For Profit Green Building For Profit

These builders switched from commercial construction to environmentally responsible residential building — and they’ve learned how to make money at it. Read more

Inside Interior Doors

New engineered-lumber cores have cut the cost and improved the stability of raised-panel doors. Here’s an overview. Read more

Installing Stair Railings Installing Stair Railings

A stair installer explains how to prefit the railing package in the shop for a flawless installation on site. Read more

Making EIFS Watertight Making EIFS Watertight

An EIFS installation is only as strong as its weakest details. A veteran EIFS troubleshooter tells how to keep the water out at penetrations. Read more

Practical Details for an Energy-Efficient House Practical Details for an Energy-Efficient House

A custom builder explains the simple steps he takes at the framing stage to create a tight, energy-efficient house. Read more


Glue facts a sticking point; handle glass block with care; OSBswelling test questioned Read more


Is lumber quality improving?; failing GFCIs; tools recalled; reusing wastewater out West; more Read more

Q & A
Q&A: Mysterious Stripes on Carpet

Q: The homeowner living in a ranch house our company built five years ago is complaining of mysterious carpet staining, showing up as a stripe along the outside walls of some rooms. There do not appear to be any water leaks or problems with the gas applia Read more

Q&A: Water Treatment for Acidic Water

Q: In the April 2000 issue of JLC (Letters), Rex Cauldwell recommended treating acidic water that eats copper pipe. Our water has a pH of 6.2 and definitely eats copper. What kind of water treatment equipment do I need? retrofit; painting interior brick Read more

Q&A: Cold Roof Retrofit

Q: A homeowner in central Pennsylvania has asked me to repair a roof with a history of ice-dam problems. The roof is over a cathedral ceiling that has only 6 inches of fiberglass insulation, with no space for venting above the insulation. Can you provide Read more

Q&A: Painting Interior Bricks

Q: I need to paint an interior brick wall in a bedroom, and I’m not sure what type of paint to use. Because the brick wall includes the back of a fireplace, I’m worried that the heat from the fireplace might affect the selection or durability of the paint Read more

Strictly Business: Training Your Own Replacement

Reap benefits from training your own replacement Read more

Legal Adviser: Keeping New Hires Legal

How to question an immigrant’s legal status Read more

Kitchen & Bath

Vinyl siding for that log cabin look; interchangeable hitch balls; round shower; platform hoist for roof shingles; stable saw stand; more Read more

Toolbox: Scaffolding Made Easy

Versatile scaffolding for any site Read more

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