November 2001 Table of Contents

A Simple Time & Materials Contract

A Florida remodeler heads off client misunderstandings with this plain-language contract, which explains exactly what customers are paying for and why. Read more

Designing Balanced Lighting Designing Balanced Lighting

A lighting designer explains why most rooms require light from a variety of sources — ambient, task, and accent. Read more

New Tools for 2002

From the aisles of the National Hardware Show, these pro-duty tools may answer the needs of your production team. Read more

No-Callback Carpet Installation No-Callback Carpet Installation

Though it ultimately comes down to the carpet installer, there are measures the GC can take to ensure a top-notch job. Here’s the lowdown on choosing the right carpet and pad, locating seams, and prepping the site for installation. Read more

Success With EIFS Success With EIFS

A team of EIFS investigators and consultants provides advice on the design, materials, and installation details that make for a durable job. Read more


Quality insulation, fire blocking, I-joist software, more Read more


Big builder exposés, mold on green fir, unvented fireplace controversy, Ryobi saw recall, more Read more

Q & A
Q&A: Underlayment for Resilient Flooring

Q: Should underlayment for resilient tile be installed perpendicular to the joists, like the subfloor, or parallel to the joists? Read more

Q&A: Spalling Concrete Floors

Q: Here in Minnesota, many garage floors suffer from spalling. What causes spalling concrete, and is there any cure? Read more

Q&A: Stripping Interior Paint From Carved Moldings

Q: I need to remove several layers of interior paint from elaborate egg-and-dart moldings in a historic house. What is the most efficient way to proceed? Read more

Q&A: Fall Protection Criteria

Q: Your May 2001 article "Fall Protection Update" says that OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1926 requires fall protection for anyone working above 6 feet. Here in Washington state, I understand that the standard applies when there is a 10-foot fall potential. What a Read more

Venting a Porch Roof Venting a Porch Roof

Without soffit or roof vents, will a porch roof get hot enough to shorten the life of the asphalt shingles? Read more

Legal Adviser: Firing With Cause

Firing with cause and how to protect yourself Read more

By Design: Breaking Up Boxiness

Creating flow and visual links between rooms Read more

Trade Talk
Trade Talk: Growing Pains for Potable-Water PEX

Although manufacturers of PEX tubing tout its many advantages, most plumbers still prefer copper Read more


Fold-up pliers, plastic lumber adhesive, arch-top casement windows, site design software, mold-free air conditioning, wax-free toilet gasket, zoned forced-air floor register Read more

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