August 2002 Table of Contents

Building Kitchen Cabinets In Place Building Kitchen Cabinets In Place

A cabinetmaker describes his system of constructing a custom vintage-look kitchen right on site. Read more

Choosing Vinyl Windows Choosing Vinyl Windows

There's more to vinyl windows than meets the eye. Here's an inside look at how they go together - and how you can use them to best advantage. Read more

Portable Miter-Saw Stands Tools Portable Miter-Saw Stands

An informal survey reveals the most popular manufactured models, plus some ingenious homemade options. Read more

Retrofitting Basements Retrofitting Basements

Building restrictions in California are prompting homeowners who want more space to add on underneath the house. A concrete contractor tells how it's done. Read more

Shopping For A Generator Shopping For A Generator

The right-size generator will last longer and extend the life of your expensive tools. Here's what you need to know before you buy. Read more


Water heater abuse, architectural abbreviations, collapsed glazing, bid language, artesian well valve, asphalt shingle quality Read more

Notebook Notebook

Liability insurance crisis, construction defects arbitration decision, Roof Tile Institute installation guide, fire resistance of outdoor decking, Business Tune-Up, more Read more

Q & A
Q&A: Making a Dutch Door Q&A: Making a Dutch Door

Q. I'm trying to find plans for cutting a solid door slab and making a Dutch door. Any help would be appreciated. Read more

Q&A: Felt or Rosin Paper Under Strip Flooring?

Q. I'm using a new floor finisher, who's known as the best in this area. He saw that we had installed oak and ash floors over rosin paper and insisted that we should have used 30-pound felt. He says the rosin paper will degrade over time and won't provide any cushion between the subfloor and the hardwood. Is he right? Read more

Q&A: Shower Pipe Knocking

Q. I am having a problem with a shower valve in a bathroom remodeling project. When you turn the water all the way to hot and then back off to around the middle of the temperature range, you get a pulsating water flow from the shower head and severe, loud knocking from the shower pipes in the wall. The problem does not occur when the valve is opened all the way, full hot. We've secured the valve and the piping with clamps. Are you aware of any remedy for this problem short of taking the tiled walls apart to install a water hammer arrester? Read more

Q&A: Construction Performance Guidelines Q&A: Construction Performance Guidelines

Q. The article "A Simple Time & Materials Contract" (11/01) mentions the Residential Construction Performance Guidelines. I have been unsuccessful in finding this book; where can I get it? Read more

Q&A: Exterior Ceilings Q&A: Exterior Ceilings

Q. Patio covers are standard features of nearly every home built in the Phoenix area. Standard construction is wood frame with a drywall ceiling, taped, textured, and painted. Within ten years, the taping and texturing start to separate from the drywall. Retaping and texturing might make it last a few more years. Is there an economical alternative to drywall that would provide a more permanent and relatively maintenance-free ceiling? Read more

Legal Adviser
Legal Adviser: Do Your Materials Meet Code?

Do your building materials meet code? Read more

Designing With Engineered Wood Designing With Engineered Wood

New engineered wood handbook reviewed Read more

Kitchen & Bath
Kitchen & Bath: Working With Mirrors Kitchen & Bath: Working With Mirrors

Working with bathroom mirrors Read more

Products Products

Crawlspace ventilation system, cordless chop saw, adjustable door holder, dormer trim kit, earth-friendly decking, acrylic-block door insert, retrofit shower system, small skid-steer loader, more Read more

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