January 2002 Table of Contents

A Simple, Stylish Cornice Return

This basic trim detail turns an unspectacular cut into an eye-catcher. Read more

Garage Door Options

From steel to plastic to custom wood, builders today have a wide range of garage doors to choose from. Read more

Installing A Heat-Recovery Ventilator

A ventilation contractor explains the ducting, sizing, wiring, and balancing that produce an effective HRV installation. Read more

On the Job With Integrated Construction Software

Are powerful, multifunction construction software packages worth the cost and the time they take to learn? We look at five builders who took the leap and were willing to share their stories. Read more

Laying Out an Irregular Valley Rafter Laying Out an Irregular Valley Rafter

Here's an accurate and efficient method for calculating the cuts on irregular hip and valley rafters. Read more


Mold controversy, state contract law, router kit clarification, universal PEX fitting, more Read more


Builder optimism, panel roof problems, window latch recall, Business Tune-Up, more Read more

Q & A
Q&A: Shrinkage Joints in EIFS Cladding Q&A: Shrinkage Joints in EIFS Cladding

Q: We’re building a three-story house with plywood sheathing that will be covered with EIFS. Because the house has 9-foot ceilings, the horizontal sheathing joints don’t fall near the band joist area. The EIFS rep says we have to plan for joist shrinkage by establishing a control joint, and he wants us to cut through the plywood sheathing at the floor line. I think the plywood sheathing is structurally important, and I’m reluctant to cut the sheathing where it ties the floors together. What should we do? Read more

Q&A: Clapboard Paint Problems

Q: The red cedar clapboard siding on a house in the Boston area was not backprimed and has typical moisture-related paint failure. It has been painted five times in 25 years. The house has no interior vapor barrier. I am considering removing the siding and installing new backprimed clapboards over a vented rainscreen. Will the rainscreen installation solve the problem of premature paint failure, or must I address the lack of an interior vapor barrier? Read more

Q&A: GFCI Protection for Shower Lighting

Q: In a bathroom remodel, we plan to install a light fixture in a shower stall, with a switch near the shower door. Do the fixture and switch need to be GFCI-protected? Read more

Q&A: Vinyl Siding Over Fan-Fold Foam Q&A: Vinyl Siding Over Fan-Fold Foam

Q: Before installing vinyl siding over existing wood siding, we first install a layer of fan-fold foam insulation. Is the fan-fold foam an adequate weather-resistive barrier? Read more

Q&A: Sizing a Range Hood Fan

Q: How do I size the exhaust fan for a range hood above a gas cooktop? Read more

Trade Talk

Bifold doors, pocket protector tool sheath, elastomeric masonry coatings, removable duct tape, more Read more

Toolbox: Cordless Compound Miter Saws

Cordless compound miter saws Read more

Tools of the Trade
Tool Test - Contractor Table Saws

Need a table saw that can pull long shifts on the jobsite and double as a low-cost shop saw? Here are six tools powerful enough to do it all. Read more

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