November 2002 Table of Contents

Buying a Compressor

Here's what you should know to choose a compressor that matches your needs for air and recovery time. Read more

Coming to Grips with Job-Site Paperwork

Certain forms and checklists are necessary on the job, but too much paper can drag down productivity. A veteran contractor shows his simple, streamlined approach to job-site record keeping. Read more

Finish Carpentry, Production Style

Trim out a 2,800-square-foot house in one day? A production trim carpenter tells how. Read more

Floating a Mud Bed for Ceramic Tile

When it comes to flattening an old, irregular floor, there's still nothing like mud. Read more

Souping Up a Tow-Behind, Remodeler's Style Souping Up a Tow-Behind, Remodeler's Style

Besides providing extra workspace and valuable job-site storage, a trailer is also a traveling advertisement for your company. Read more

Trouble-Free Foundations for Expansive Soils

When the soil moves, your foundation had better not. A Colorado builder shares his approach for building on difficult soils. Read more


How to charge for overhead Read more


California Fix-It Law, truss labeling law, Canadian softwood prices, smoke detector placement, Business Tune-Up Read more

Q & A
Q&A: Garage Slab Drainage

Q. How should a garage slab be sloped for drainage toward the overhead door? At 1/4 inch per foot on a 24x26-foot foundation, the height difference from front to back would be more than 6 inches. Do I need to grade the sand and gravel sub-base at the same slope so the slab can have a uniform 4-inch thickness? Read more

Q&A: Green Board vs. Standard Drywall

Q. How is "green board" different from regular drywall? Where is it supposed to be used, and what are its limitations? Read more

Q&A: Keeping Attics Cool

Q. A two-story house I'm working on has a zoned air-conditioning system with ductwork running through the hot attic, and the A/C can't keep the upstairs zone cool on hot, sunny days. What's the best way to cool that attic space down -- add gable vents to the existing soffit and ridge vents setup, insulate between the rafters, or apply a radiant barrier foil under the rafters? Read more

Q&A: Tiling Over Old Linoleum

Q. Is it okay to tile over an old linoleum floor? I'm concerned that the tiles might contain asbestos. Read more

Q&A: Are Hidden Deck Fasteners Strong Enough?

Q. I was hoping someone could shed some light on EB-TY. I use this product on 80% of the decks I build, and many are one or more stories high. I also live in a heavy snow area. The clips in that system hold the decking to the framing with pressure, not with mechanical fasteners, and I'm concerned that the detail may not be strong enough. I have been taking extra steps by letting cross bracing into the joist system. Am I wasting my time? Read more

Legal Adviser: Ignore Change Order Procedures at Your Own Risk

Ignore change order procedures at your own risk Read more

Resources: Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Contractor's Plain-English Legal Guide and Production Checklist for Builders and Superintendents Read more

Kitchen & Bath
Products Products

Bucket dolly, pivot-head ratchet wrench, flat speaker wires, retractable plumb bob, toolbox on wheels, more Read more


Cabinetmaking with Festool; Laserjamb Q-Pro; Pro Pac tool bag Read more

Tools of the Trade
Tool Test: Pneumatic Nailers

Four new nailers make it faster and easier to install joist hangers and other framing hardware. Read more

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