April 2003 Table of Contents

Building a Coffered Ceiling Building a Coffered Ceiling

A second-generation custom builder describes his system for laying out and installing great-looking coffered ceilings. Read more

Cutting Fiber-Cement Siding Cutting Fiber-Cement Siding

Cutting fiber-cement siding can be a dusty job, but a number of manufacturers offer tools designed to keep the air clear. Read more

Laying Out a Split-Pitch Hip Laying Out a Split-Pitch Hip

Instead of punching numbers into a calculator, you can lay out irregular hip rafters with a framing square, tape measure, bevel gauge, and a series of triangles drawn on scrap. Read more

Low-Flow Update Low-Flow Update

Ten years after low-flow toilets became law, there are more and better options on the market than ever before. Read more

Pneumatic Flooring Nailers Pneumatic Flooring Nailers

A builder and remodeler tests five flooring nailers and reports on what he finds. Read more

Pressure-Testing Ductwork Pressure-Testing Ductwork

Everyone talks about the importance of sealed ductwork, but the only way to be sure a new system measures up is to test it. Read more

Building an Outdoor Shower Building an Outdoor Shower

Shoreline dwellers like to rinse off before going inside after a day at the beach. Here's a proven design that lets the homeowner shower in style. Read more

Running a Handyman Sideline Running a Handyman Sideline

A high-end residential remodeler explains why he makes time for even the smallest handyman jobs. Read more

Letters Letters

Realistic scheduling, workforce diversity, stabilizing basement walls, radiant-floor study, cathedral cans, more Read more

In the News In the News

New coastal window codes puzzle builders, court cuts mold award, selling surplus material for charity, new nailgun rules, more Read more

Q & A
Q&A: Wheelchair Accessible Shower

Q. We are building a new home on a slab foundation that is already poured. The customer uses a wheelchair and wants a curbless shower in a bathroom with a tiled floor. Is it possible to keep the bathroom floor level with the finish floors in the other roo Read more

Q&A: Swelling of OSB Roof Panels

Q. We build timber frame homes and wrap them with insulated panels made with skins of OSB on the outhouse and rigid foam insulation on the inside. We've been pleased with the results except for one thing: the swelling of the OSB at the edges. We've seen n Read more

Q&A: Gas Appliances in Basement

Q. I am remodeling a single-family house with a full basement. The furnace and water heater are located in the basement. The local fire marshal said that it's okay to locate propane appliances such as furnaces and water heaters in the basement. He cites t Read more

Q&A: Frozen Air Hoses

Q. In cold weather I always have problems keeping nail guns working, due to frozen air hoses. Is there a solution? Read more

Legal: Trade Standards

Who decides how good is "good enough"? Read more

Kitchen & Bath
Products Products

Foundation insulation, router tables, cut-to-fit basement windows, heat sensor, smaller sander, tailgate stepladder, flexible molding, bendable drill bit, more Read more

Toolbox Toolbox

Fast-setting glue guns, two-way laser, saw stand accessories Read more

Backfill: Quick Jig for Cutting Beyond 45 Backfill: Quick Jig for Cutting Beyond 45

A quick jig for cutting beyond 45 degrees Read more

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