December 2003 Table of Contents

Builder Blunders Builder Blunders

Nobody's perfect, but some builders are more imperfect than others. A veteran troubleshooter describes some memorable on-the-job mistakes. Read more

Building Poured-Concrete Homes Building Poured-Concrete Homes

Forming and pouring four 2,500-square-foot houses is all in a day's work for this tract builder. Read more

Installing Fiber-Cement Siding Installing Fiber-Cement Siding

Fiber-cement siding is no fun to cut and handle, but its price and durability make it a good deal for spec houses. An experienced installer tells you how to work with it efficiently. Read more

Tool Test: Reciprocating Saws Tool Test: Reciprocating Saws

A veteran carpenter tests and reviews the current crop of pro-grade recip saws. Read more

Repairing Slate Roofs Repairing Slate Roofs

With good technique and matching materials, repairs to a slate roof can be invisible and as durable as the original roof. Read more

Letters Letters

Humidity sensor, new pressure-treatment formulations, ledger support, hard-hat reminder Read more

Q & A
How to Flash a Chimney to an Exterior Wall How to Flash a Chimney to an Exterior Wall

Here's a leakproof detail for the tricky joint between an exterior masonry chimney and the wall of the house. Read more

Reinforcing a Slab Over Disturbed Soil Reinforcing a Slab Over Disturbed Soil

Should rebar be added to a garage slab that spans a utility trench, or should the trench be mechanically compacted? The answer is yes. Read more

Q&A: Floor Tiles vs. Wall Tiles: What's the Difference?

Q. One of the tile showrooms where my remodeling clients shop has tiles displayed in two sections, one for floors and one for walls. What's the difference between a floor tile and a wall tile? Is it possible to interchange the two? Read more

Legal: What If the Owner Wants to Hire a Sub?

What if the homeowner wants to bring a sub on the job? Read more

Kitchen & Bath
Products Products

Wiring raceway, remodeling shower valve cover, escape ladder, arch supports, sawhorse brackets, instant shelving Read more

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