March 2003 Table of Contents

14.4-Volt Cordless Drill-Drivers 14.4-Volt Cordless Drill-Drivers

JLC put ten drills through their paces to compare power, run-time, weight, and balance. Read more

Getting Contractor Discounts Getting Contractor Discounts

All deals are negotiable, but to get the best price, you have to understand the rules of the building materials market. Read more

Relining Old Chimneys Relining Old Chimneys

Adding a poured liner to a shaky old chimney adds strength and safety while keeping the character of the original. Read more

The Business of Building Green The Business of Building Green

A custom builder describes how he has made a profitable niche of building houses for environmentally conscious Read more

Tiling Over A Laminate Countertop Tiling Over A Laminate Countertop

A veteran tile contractor shares his method for dressing up a kitchen without ripping out the counter and building a new substrate. Read more

Water-Managed Wall Systems JLC Classic Water-Managed Wall Systems

In this seminal JLC classic, Joe Lstiburek explains the principle and details of a drainable exterior. Read more

Letters Letters

Mold mania, old-school metal roofing, strength of adhesive in laminated rafters, crown molding jig, floppy-disk cameras Read more

Q & A
Q&A: Rebuilding Rotted Windows

Q. As a handyman, one of the problems I see most often is rotted wood trim on windows and doors (for example, brick moldings, sills, and the bottoms of side jambs). Moldings are not usually a difficult fix, but repairing or replacing wood members that are integral to the window or door unit (particularly if it's a double window or a door unit with sidelights) is difficult without weakening the unit. Can you provide guidance about when to repair or replace the rotted wood and how to do it, or whether to simply replace the unit? Read more

Q&A: In Search of Exterior Trim

Q. I would like to find an alternate crown molding for exterior use. I can't get my local suppliers to advise me if primed MDF crown can be used outside. I have thrown scraps of this product in the trash pile, where it was rained on for a month, and was amazed that it was unaffected. However, I don't want to install it outside, only to find out that it's the sun or something else that destroys it. Read more

Q&A: Waterborne vs.Oil-Modified Floor Finishes

Q. Which type of floor finish provides the most durable coating, oil-based polyurethanes or water-based polyurethanes? Read more

Q&A: Buckling Soffit Boards

Q. I have been a contractor for over 25 years, but I recently ran into a new problem. We installed a 1x8 T&G pine soffit at the eaves and under the gable overhang on a new home here in Washington State last summer. The material is select tight-knot Ponderosa pine, kiln-dried and of good quality; it's coated on both sides with Messmer's stain. The work was done with summer temperatures ranging between 85° and 100°F. The pine was very dry. The boards were blind-nailed by hand with 6d galvanized shake nails. This winter, the boards have somehow expanded and buckled to the point that they're about to fall down in several places. There is no possibility of roof leaks. The house has vaulted ceilings throughout, but some of the worst areas are in the roof over the entry deck. The roof is vented at both the top with a ridge vent, and the bottom with a continuous vent. What is happening? Read more

Detailing Your Scope-of-Work

Detailing your scope-of-work Read more

About Liability Insurance and Indemnification About Liability Insurance and Indemnification

Make sure your liability insurance won't leave you to foot the bill if someone sues. Read more

Kitchen & Bath
Products Products

Expanding foam for windows & doors, affordable stilts, obstacle sensing system, quality drywall finish, mold-resistant drywall, ladder lock, more Read more

Toolbox: Ridgid 12-inch compound miter saw Toolbox: Ridgid 12-inch compound miter saw

Ridgid 12-inch compound miter saw Read more

Tools of the Trade
Tool Test: Cordless Recip Saws

We put a dozen new cordless recip saws to the test on big demo jobs and tough cuts in tight quarters. Read more

Tool Test: Combination Hammers

Seven combo hammers that chip, drill, and break their way through concrete, masonry, and tile. Read more

Fitting Post to Stone, Teriyaki Style Fitting Post to Stone, Teriyaki Style

Need to fit the bottom of a post to an irregular surface? Grab a handful of bamboo skewers, and use them as a scribe. Read more

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