September 2003 Table of Contents

Heating with Panel Radiators Heating with Panel Radiators

These compact units provide the comfort and simplicity of baseboard radiators without gobbling up all the available wall space. Read more

Salvaging Building Material Salvaging Building Material

A carpenter turned salvage contractor tells how he turns a profit keeping used materials out of the landfill, and shares some methods for removing common salvage items without damage. Read more

New Products from the Kitchen & Bath Show

Dazzle clients with your understanding of this year's crop of bigger, smarter, hotter, and cooler kitchen appliances. Read more

Segmental Block Retaining Walls Segmental Block Retaining Walls

Longer lasting than timber and more user friendly than stone, segmental block retaining walls combine good looks with great structural stability. Read more

A Close Look at Stucco A Close Look at Stucco

Traditional three-coat, one-coat, or EIFS, stucco is only as reliable as the water-management details behind it. A second- generation stucco contractor identifies common problems and offers proven solutions. Read more

Letters Letters

Deck details, defending gable vents, screening chimney pots Read more

In the News In the News

Fatal porch collapse highlights flimsy connections, self-draining housewrap, new wood preservatives raise corrosion questions Read more

Q & A
Building a Frost-Protected Foundation for an Unheated Building Building a Frost-Protected Foundation for an Unheated Building

In a cold climate, combining rigid foam insulation with a well-compacted, free-draining substrate is the key to avoiding heaving damage to a slab foundation. Read more

Q&A: Insulating Around Knob-and-Tube

Q. I am remodeling a 1920s house that has the original knob-and-tube wiring. I would like to blow cellulose into the stud cavities but am guessing that it's not safe to do that with the exposed wiring in the cavities. What does code say? Read more

Q&A: OSB as Carpet Substrate?

Q. Why can't I use 7/16-inch OSB over 1-inch rough pine boards for carpet underlayment? Read more

Healing Your Inner Underestimator Healing Your Inner Underestimator

Underestimating is far more prevalent than overestimating. In this JLC classic, Paul Eldrencamp explains the causes and cures. Read more

Legal: Death of a Contractor

Death of a contractor Read more

Kitchen & Bath
Kitchen & Bath Kitchen & Bath

Cooktops and bath fixtures Read more

Products Products

Heat pumps, siding and accessories, lighting, interior millwork products, more Read more

Toolbox: Power Handsaw Toolbox: Power Handsaw

Power handsaw, plus ladders and scaffolding, drill bits, and safety gear Read more

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