December 2004 Table of Contents

Tool Test: Tool-Activated Vacuums

Though they cost more than common shop vacuums, these units are quieter and have better filters. Read more

Basic Scheduling for Increased Efficiency Basic Scheduling for Increased Efficiency

A combination of to-do lists, paper calendars, and a computer contact manager keeps multiple jobs on track. Read more

New Life for Old Kitchen Cabinets New Life for Old Kitchen Cabinets

A kitchen remodeler tells how he determines if cabinet refacing is a viable option, and how to ensure professional results. Read more

Manufactured-Stone Nightmares Manufactured-Stone Nightmares

A remediation contractor explains how improperly installed synthetic-stone veneer can cause severe rot damage in the wood framing underneath. Read more

Stair-Building Tools Stair-Building Tools

Manufacturers have developed specialized tools for laying out, cutting, drilling, and installing stair parts. Here's a close look at how they work on site. Read more


Immigrant labor; sealed crawlspace follow-up; a remodeler risk; more Read more

Q & A
Do Brick Veneer Weeps Need Screens? Do Brick Veneer Weeps Need Screens?

If the wall behind the veneer is detailed properly, critters shouldn't be able to get into the house. Read more

Q&A Securing Dishwashers to Stone Counters

I've been unsuccessful in finding a permanent method of securing dishwashers to the underside of stone countertops. I've tried using construction adhesive and epoxy to secure the small metal tabs, but with no long-term success. One countertop installer sa Read more

Q&A Compacting Stump Holes

I'm about to pour a slab on a site where several stumps were removed, leaving 2- and 3-foot-deep holes about 4 feet across. The backhoe operator went ahead and filled in the holes with dirt from the site (sandy loam, pretty good stuff), drove over them a Read more

Finding Your Niche Business Finding Your Niche

There's an old saying that you can't be all things to all people. Yet how many times have you seen ads for contractors that include the words "specializing in" and then go on to list every conceivable service from additions to professional dog-walking? Read more

Legal How Bidding Errors Affect the Contract

I just had to explain the doctrine of "mutual mistake" to a small bidder on a local construction project. It was painful for both of us: painful for me because I didn't like telling him he was stuck between a rock and a hard place, and painful for him because he was stuck.How bidding errors affect the contract Read more

Kitchen & Bath
Kitchen & Bath Kitchen & Bath

Toilets; countertop edge treatments Read more

Products Products

Satellite-dish mounting platform; maintenance-free door frame; windows; heating products; historic restoration Read more

Toolbox Toolbox

Tile tools; toolbelts and bags; job-site radio review Read more

Backfill Backfill

A hull of a basement remodel Read more

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