April 2005 Table of Contents

Cordless Finish Nailers Tool Test Cordless Finish Nailers

Balance, power, and fast cycle time are key. Read more

Fast Floors With Structural Insulated Panels Fast Floors With Structural Insulated Panels

Using floor panels supported by engineered-lumber girders cuts production time on SIP houses. Read more

Foolproof Layout For Winding Stairs Foolproof Layout For Winding Stairs

While new stair codes have made winders more complicated to build, full-scale layout eliminates the guesswork. Read more

Rot-Resistant Deck Details Rot-Resistant Deck Details

For a deck that lasts, seal cut ends, space deck boards far enough apart, and reduce places where leaf litter can collect. Read more

Rx For Wood Windows - Preventing Paint Failure Rx For Wood Windows - Preventing Paint Failure

To prevent paint failure, make sure wood windows are properly flashed, prepped, and painted… and don't forget the caulk. Read more


Safety factor; willing workers; school days; starting a training program; insurance-work advice; setting the record straight in Arizona; more Read more

Q & A
Q&A Will Carpet Stifle a Radiant Slab?

Q. I'm finishing a basement room for customers who want to put carpet over the radiant slab. I'm concerned the carpet will insulate off some of the heat, but I can't talk them out of it. The slab is 4 to 5 inches thick, and the 1/2-inch PEX tubing is laid out on 12-inch centers, with 11/2 inches of styrofoam insulation under the slab and around its edges. The slab is at least 5 feet below grade; local frost depth is 48 inches. Is there a type of carpet and pad that would allow more heat to radiate into the room? Will the carpet cause heat to be lost into the ground? Read more

How to Set a Toilet Over Tile Q&A How to Set a Toilet Over Tile

A plumber explains the right way to set a toilet over an irregular tile floor. Read more

Retrofitting a Window Into a Block Foundation Q&A Retrofitting a Window Into a Block Foundation

Q: I need to install a basement egress window in a concrete-block foundation wall. What kind of header should I use to support the eaves wall above the new window opening, and how should I install it? Read more

Service Through Structure Business Service Through Structure

Better service through structure; a novel approach to fast, efficient hiring Read more

Overtime Pay Laws Legal Overtime Pay Laws

What you need to know about the new overtime pay laws Read more

Kitchen & Bath
Kitchen & Bath Kitchen & Bath

A shower waterproofing system; storage solutions; toilets and bidets Read more


Small-parts packer; vinyl siding; patio doors; outdoor living Read more

Toolbox Toolbox

Pacific Laser Systems PLS2; Ridgid cordless jigsaw; Tajima chalk and ink lines; chain saws and accessories; drywall tools Read more

Backfill Backfill

Canadian students hit the slopes — hard — with concrete toboggans Read more

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