June 2005 Table of Contents

Bidding Large Jobs Bidding Large Jobs

To avoid costly errors, be methodical about the way you collect and compare prices. Read more

Fast Closets With Melamine Fast Closets With Melamine

Dadoes and pocket screws make strong, tight joints, while pre-edged material saves labor. Read more

Flashing A Flanged Window Flashing A Flanged Window

A few minutes of time and a few dollars of materials can prevent expensive headaches. Read more

Installing a Wide Door In a Tall Brick Wall Installing a Wide Door In a Tall Brick Wall

In this renovation, engineered steel braces support a solid brick wall from the outside without disturbing the interior. Read more

Tuning Up a Pneumatic Nailer Tuning Up a Pneumatic Nailer

You can do it yourself as easily as you can drop the tool off at the tool shop. Read more


Post-tension cables; fire damage; wrong railing test; skilled workers; radiant and geothermal; more Read more

In The News In The News

Florida sings the blue-tarp blues; California chooses I-Codes; second-home market flourishes; GM investigated for truck-tailgate failures; more Read more

Q & A
Can Wind Short-Circuit a Ridge Vent? Can Wind Short-Circuit a Ridge Vent?

A short lesson on the main driving forces that push attic air up and out of the ridge vent. Read more

Q&A Fixing a Radiant-Tubing Leak

Q. I have a leak in my recently installed radiant tubing, no doubt caused by freezing last winter before the system was fully operational. The tubing is a 300-foot run buried in a 4-inch concrete slab. Is there some kind of "stop leak" that can be circula Read more

Q&A Solar Shingles

Q. Solar modules that can be installed in place of roof shingles seem to make more sense than PV modules mounted on racks above the roof (see "Installing Solar Electric Power," 3/05). Besides being much less noticeable, it seems that using photovoltaic sh Read more

Soundproofing a Through-Wall Air Conditioner Soundproofing a Through-Wall Air Conditioner

The solution to a neighbor's noisy air conditioner lies at your own bedroom window. Read more

Business Looking Beyond the Bottom Line

Too often, business owners will print a profit-and-loss statement (P&L, also called an income statement) and then look at just the bottom line net profit. Read more

Legal When Can You Fire Someone?

Recently, my little town hit the big time. It has been talked about on television and radio, and written about in newspapers and thousands of blogs. Why? Because a local employer fired four employees who would not quit smoking in the privacy of their own homes. Read more

Kitchen & Bath
Kitchen & Bath: Venting With Air-Admittance Valves Kitchen & Bath: Venting With Air-Admittance Valves

Venting with air-admittance valves; undercounter appliances; showerheads Read more


Air blocker; quick frieze; decking; exterior doors; ventilation Read more

Toolbox Toolbox

Fasco round-head stick nailer; DeWalt laser plumb bob; back-savers; electrical tools Read more

Great import: Yin Yu Tang Backfill Great import: Yin Yu Tang

Should you ever find yourself in historic Salem, Mass., skip the wacko occult shops — okay, stock up on black candles or whatever — and head over to the Peabody Essex Museum for a walk-through tour of beautiful Yin Yu Tang, an estate built circa 1800 to 1825 in Southeastern China. Read more

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