October 2005 Table of Contents

Rainproofing Stucco Trim Rainproofing Stucco Trim

Nailing trim through stucco without proper flashing is a recipe for disaster Read more

Replacing a Beach-House Foundation Replacing a Beach-House Foundation

A modified mat slab saved this cottage from the sea. Read more

Solar Hot Water 101 Solar Hot Water 101

Solar water heating has a proven record of cutting energy costs. Here's what you need to know to help customers choose the right system. Read more

Spraying Clear Waterborne Lacquer Spraying Clear Waterborne Lacquer

A pressure pot is the best way to apply this low-VOC finish Read more

Supporting a Wide-Span Floor With Structural Steel Supporting a Wide-Span Floor With Structural Steel

Sculptural steel columns and beams turned a two-car garage into a two-story living space Read more


Notes on safety; pandering charge; support for higher energy performance standards; vinyl-siding school; wallpaper liner; fire sprinklers Read more

In the News In the News

Cement supply update; Hurricane Katrina damage estimates; free resources; a murderous client; Web site for wood trading; deconstructing the new energy bil Read more

Q & A
Avoiding Nail Pops in Roof Shingles Q&A Avoiding Nail Pops in Roof Shingles

Whether caused by a shingle nail or a sheathing nail, the prescription is simple. Read more

Q&A Plywood vs. OSB I-Joists

Q. Do any I-joist manufacturers still use plywood webs? At my local lumberyard, I was told that manufacturers switched from plywood to OSB webs because the plywood tended to delaminate, but I suspect the real reason is that OSB is cheaper. I'd prefer to use plywood I-joists, because I think they'd be stronger Read more

Keeping Garage Fumes at Bay Keeping Garage Fumes at Bay

Five ways to prevent potentially fatal garage fumes from entering a house. Read more

On the Job
Retrofitting a Lally Column Retrofitting a Lally Column

How to replace an old brick pier with a Lally column without cracking the beam or the plaster in the rooms above. Read more

Roof Demo by Crane JLC Classic Roof Demo by Crane

Cutting an old roof up in sections and lifting it away is often faster and safer than demoing it in place. Read more

Business Attitude Adjustment: How to Think Like a Company

How to think like a company; protect yourself from employee theft Read more

Kitchen & Bath
Kitchen & Bath

Faucets; glass & ceramic tile Read more


Sharp screws; a better roof clip; flashings; closet & garage storage systems; paints & coatings; garage doors Read more

Toolbox Toolbox

Ridgid R350RHA round-head framing nailer; job icameras; cabinetmaking tools Read more

Insulated Swimming Pool, Anyone? Backfill Insulated Swimming Pool, Anyone?

When builder Todd LaBarge wanted to install a vinyl-lined swimming pool at his home, he looked no further than the stack of ICF forms left over from the construction of his house and workshop foundations. Read more

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