January 2006 Table of Contents

Building Brick Stairs Building Brick Stairs

A long-lasting set of masonry steps starts with a solid base and includes good drainage. Read more

Flashing an Entry Door Flashing an Entry Door

For doors with applied casings, simple flashings made from self-healing membrane serve the same purpose as fins Read more

2005 JLC Index

Our annual listing of features and departments Read more

Controlling The Job With Purchase Orders Controlling The Job With Purchase Orders

This simple tool can streamline your estimating, purchasing, and job-costing -- and boost your bottom line Read more

Tool Test: Trim Routers Tool Test: Trim Routers

For light routing, these laminate trimmers do more with less Read more


Using PEX in solar water heating; solar hot-water storage; hot-water recirculation; leak testing Read more

In the News
In the News In the News

Improved energy efficiency in central air; California comp system criticized as harmful to workers; a rise in material prices; cordless-tool voltages ramp up; more Read more

Q & A
Q&A Drip-Edge and Roofing Membranes

Q. Drip-Edge and Roofing Membranes When using peel-and-stick roofing membranes, does it matter if the membrane goes under rather than over the metal drip edge at the eaves? In my work as a home inspector, I've noticed that these membranes get installed bo Read more

Q&A Fasteners for ACQ Plates

Q. Fasteners for ACQ Plates What type of gun nails should you use with ACQ plates and mudsills? Is it necessary to use stainless steel and then switch back to regular nails for regular lumber? Read more

Porch Floor Finishing Secrets Porch Floor Finishing Secrets

How coating all sides of the flooring before it goes in results in better paint retention. Read more

On the Job
Estimating Pitfalls Estimating Pitfalls

Deriving quantities is easy; it's the thinking behind the pricing process that can make or break your profits. Read more

Kitchen & Bath
Kitchen & Bath Kitchen & Bath

Supporting a floating stone countertop; floor warmers; cabinets Read more


Gutters; water treatment; electrical devices Read more

Toolbox Toolbox

Milwaukee's V28 tools; stepladders & accessories; hammers Read more

Very Old Growth Backfill Very Old Growth

Carpenters often lament the scarcity of old-growth wood, which they prize for its dimensional stability and natural rot resistance. Read more

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