July 2006 Table of Contents

Bending Trex Bending Trex

Special heating blankets were used to form the tight curves of this pool's retrofitted fiber-composite decking. Read more

DeWalt's Sitelock Alarm DeWalt's Sitelock Alarm

If tools have a habit of walking off your sites, you may want to consider this system. Read more

Innovative Products 2006

Our annual pick of products designed to help you work smarter, faster, and better. Read more

Installing a Twenty-Foot Header Installing a Twenty-Foot Header

Retrofitting a half-ton steel I-beam into an existing house calls for careful shoring and lifting. Read more

Tool Test: 23-Gauge Pin Nailers Tool Test: 23-Gauge Pin Nailers

These guns allow you to fasten the smallest trim pieces without splitting, and they leave nearly invisible holes. Read more


More on immigration; rain-screen siding; guardrail codes; vinyl sunburst; theft Read more

In the News In the News

Sinking homes and abandoned mines; Boston land-use regs study; storm-damage niche; more Read more

Q & A
Q&A Fixing Voids in Engineered Flooring

Q. A subcontractor glued down 4 1/2-inch-wide plank engineered flooring on a concrete slab-on-grade using flooring adhesive applied with a V-notch trowel. But the instructions on the bucket indicated that a 1/4-inch square notched trowel should have been Read more

Q&A Are Bubble-Wrap R-Value Claims Accurate?

Q. Are Bubble-Wrap R-Value Claims Accurate? Am I the only one confused by the claims of manufacturers of foil-covered bubble wrap and foil-covered flexible thin plastic foam? Apparently, if one is to believe the advertising, a 3/8-inch-thick roll of foil- Read more

Q&A Hinge Mortise Templates

Q. What's the advantage of using a router fitted with a template guide bushing to cut hinge mortises? Why not just use a flush-cutting pilot bit and a flush-type template? Read more

Q&A Double Vapor Barriers

Q: While building a new home in upstate New York, we installed R-15 kraft-faced insulation in the walls, but the local building inspector then made us install 4-mil poly over the kraft paper facing. We've been told by other builders and inspectors that this is not a good practice. Is this double vapor barrier likely to cause problems later on? Read more

What to Do About Wood Wasps? Q&A What to Do About Wood Wasps?

Wood wasps don't sting or bite people, but can they cause any significant structural damage with their chewing? Read more

On the Job
On the Job: Hanging a Pergola Ledger On the Job: Hanging a Pergola Ledger

Hanging a pergola ledger; quick barrel ceiling; more Read more

Composing With Shingle Cladding Design Composing With Shingle Cladding

Any time you use shingles as siding, you face an array of design decisions: Should you weave the corners or use corner boards? Should you use patterns — and if so, where, and which ones? Would a shingle flare or bow be appropriate? Read more

Management by Meeting Business Management by Meeting

After years of trial and error (mostly error), I've become a firm believer in management by meetings. Whether I like it or not, my primary job as company owner is overseeing meetings. Read more

Alternative Materials and Code Legal Alternative Materials and Code

I can just hear your response to that topic: "Code enforcement officers are hassling me because I want to use a wood composite they haven't seen before, but they're approving houses made of straw. Who's running the building department, the three little pigs?" Read more

Kitchen & Bath
Kitchen & Bath

Outdoor kitchens; toilets & bidets Read more


Panels; metal roofing; insulation Read more

Toolbox Toolbox

Bosch Gravity-Rise table-saw stand; Ridgid Pro Pack vac; tile tools; levels Read more

Plumber's Worst Nightmare: A Five-Ton Tub Backfill Plumber's Worst Nightmare: A Five-Ton Tub

Architects like Roger Hopkins. Carpenters and electricians like him, too. But plumbers? They hate him. It's not that they don't appreciate his stone benches and garden sculpture — but they're the ones who have to install the sinks and tubs he carves from giant boulders. Read more

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