July 2007 Table of Contents

Innovative Products 2007

Our annual pick of products designed to help you work smarter, faster, and better. Read more

On Site With Pervious Concrete On Site With Pervious Concrete

Stormwater runoff flows right through this porous concrete pavement. Read more

Photography For Contractors Photography For Contractors

Get publication-quality photos with a digital camera and expert lighting techniques. Read more

Replacing Doors In Stucco Replacing Doors In Stucco

Cut carefully to preserve the building paper, and hide the missing stucco with rotproof trim. Read more

Restoring Old Windows Restoring Old Windows

You can make old double-hungs operate as smoothly as any modern alternative — and look a whole lot better. Read more


Job-site danger; spray foam in cathedral ceilings; using stainless with ACQ; more Read more

In the News
In the News In the News

A concept house in Omaha, Neb.; Ecobuild America conference; more Read more

Q & A
Q&A Can a Power Vent Supplement Ridge Venting?

Q: Would an attic that has a properly sized and installed soffit and ridge venting system benefit from the installation of a power vent? Read more

Q&A Frozen Polyurethane Glue

Q: The label on my bottle of Rhino Ultra Glue states (in capital letters) "Keep from freezing," but doesn't say what to do if you don't. Can polyurethane glues be thawed and reused? When they freeze and then thaw, is it obvious that they've been affected? Even though these glues are pretty expensive, I'm wondering if my small $13 bottle needs to be thrown out because I accidentally left it in the truck overnight. Read more

Adding a Three-Way Switch Q&A Adding a Three-Way Switch

Q: My clients want to add another light and a second switch to one of their existing lighting circuits, a wall sconce controlled by a single-pole switch. Power feeds the light before running to the switch; because of existing conditions, the easiest option would be to replace the single-pole switch with a three-way switch, add another three-way switch at the new location, and connect the two switches with three-conductor cable. Will this work, or will my electrician ask me to open up the walls so he can get access to the entire circuit? Read more

On the Job
Squeak-Free Stairs With Pocket-Hole Screws On the Job Squeak-Free Stairs With Pocket-Hole Screws

On a new-construction job it's a good idea to give the drywallers a heads up; they can cut the pieces that go on the bottom of the stringers and set them aside for installation after the stairs are finished. Read more

Communicating With Customers Through the Web Business Communicating With Customers Through the Web

Most conflicts between a service business and its customers can be avoided with good communication. Read more

Legal Arbitration Beats Going to Court - in Most Cases

I advise clients to stick to arbitration for two reasons: The judge and jury may not have the expertise to understand the dispute, and litigation takes more time. Read more

Kitchen & Bath
Kitchen & Bath

Backsplashes; showerheads Read more


Engineered lumber; exterior doors Read more

Toolbox Toolbox

PLS90E 90-degree layout laser; knives; heavy equipment Read more

Fully Loaded Backfill Fully Loaded

Like most contractors, I seldom give much thought to how much stuff I lug around every day. That changed earlier this spring, when I decided to get all my tools and supplies in order. Read more

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