November 2007 Table of Contents

Tool Test: 12-Inch Chop Saws Tool Test: 12-Inch Chop Saws

You won't go wrong with any of these tools, but vertical cutting capacity, portability, and innovative features Read more

Framing a Curved Porch Framing a Curved Porch

How laminated beams and PVC trim were used to round off the corner on a new porch for a historic building. Read more

Installing Cable Railing Installing Cable Railing

With a couple of specialty tools, you can offer this sleek look to your high-end customers. Read more

More Shingle Art More Shingle Art

Quacks in the siding aren't always a problem. Read more

Trouble-Free Appliance Rough-In Trouble-Free Appliance Rough-In

Find out which models will be used and review the installation specs before rough-in Read more

Letters Letters

Insulating knee walls; step flashings not the culprit; homeowner safety should come first Read more

In the News

California back-pedals on nailer rules; study blames coastal development for increased storm damage; Texas court says insurers can't duck defect suits; more Read more

Q & A
Tiled Shower Installations Q&A Tiled Shower Installations

Q: While we've never had problems with our tile-shower installations, new surface-applied waterproofing membranes and waterproof backerboards have me wondering if it's time to change our approach. We typically install cement backerboard over a poly membra Read more

Q&A Sealing a Garage Floor

Q: A customer asked me about sealing a brand-new garage slab to keep oil drips from penetrating the concrete, in case she decides to have the slab finish-painted in the future. Is this necessary? What product should we use? Read more

Q&A Dishwasher Drain Distance

Q: A client wants to locate her dishwasher in a peninsula several cabinets away from the kitchen sink. Are there any limitations on the distance that the discharge hose can travel, or should it be plumbed separately? Read more

On the Job
On the Job: Painting Trim With Latex On the Job: Painting Trim With Latex

Painting trim with latex; protecting blueprints from the elements Read more

Looking Back at Job Leads Business Looking Back at Job Leads

Our remodeling company has been using lead sheets — simple printed forms on which we record information about potential clients who call our office — for several years now. Read more

Who Pays for a Sub's Negligence? Legal Who Pays for a Sub's Negligence?

I preach endlessly about job-site safety and the importance of regular safety inspections. Read more

Kitchen & Bath
Kitchen & Bath

Shower pans; toilet seats Read more


Plumbing; metal connectors Read more

Toolbox Toolbox

Max SN883 series framer; protected laser transport; roofing & siding; storage Read more

How to Build a Concrete Canoe Backfill How to Build a Concrete Canoe

If you don't know much about boatbuilding, start by welding rebar together to frame the gunwales and keel. Then form the hull with layers of chicken wire, and trowel a stiff 1/2-inch-thick mortar mix onto the mesh. Read more

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