April 2008 Table of Contents

Building a Curved Stairway Building a Curved Stairway

Simple framed walls support the treads and act as forms for bending the rails and stringers. Read more

Decorative Shingling With Fiber Cement Decorative Shingling With Fiber Cement

Pattern shingles can be efficiently produced on site from fiber-cement lap siding. Read more

Framing Flaws Framing Flaws

These common errors could lead to expensive callbacks later on. Read more

Period Kitchen Remodel Period Kitchen Remodel

Vintage details and clever reorganization help an updated space blend into an old home. Read more

Surviving Wildfire JLC Surviving Wildfire

Five Southern California "shelter in place" communities have proven they can stand up to raging wildfires. What can builders learn from their success Read more

Letters Letters

More power for dump trailer; pricing custom work; in search of drywall shims; source for layout stick Read more

In the News

Two workers die in separate electrocution accidents; GAF rolls out new green roofing system; closing the book on 2007; more Read more

Q & A
How Much Snow Does it Take to Collapse a Roof? Q&A How Much Snow Does it Take to Collapse a Roof?

An engineer explains why most snow-related roof collapses are caused by connection failures, not failure of framing members. Read more

Tile Doorway Detail Q&A Tile Doorway Detail

Q: Tile Doorway Detail When there's an entry between an exterior tiled deck and an interior living space, how should the threshold be detailed so that the doorway doesn't leak? My client uses a wheelchair and would like the interior and exterior floors to be in approximately the same plane. Read more

Putting a Purchase-Order System in Place Business Putting a Purchase-Order System in Place

As a financial consultant to small construction companies, I've seen lots of cases where a builder finished a job and the bookkeeper closed the books on it — only to have a late subcontractor bill for that job show up months later. Read more


Framing; door hardware Read more

Riggs Workwear Ripstop Utility Vest Toolbox Riggs Workwear Ripstop Utility Vest

Keep track of your cellphone, keys, multitool, notepad, and writing instruments with Riggs Workwear's Ripstop Utility Vest. Read more

Glacier Tek Cool Vest Toolbox Glacier Tek Cool Vest

Glacier Tek's 5-pound Cool Vest contains cooling packs. Read more

Radians DeWalt Concealer Toolbox Radians DeWalt Concealer

The DeWalt Concealer looks both functional and comfortable. Read more

Subaru Model RG4300iS Generator Toolbox Subaru Model RG4300iS Generator

Subaru claims its Inverter generators are lighter and quieter than alternator-based models. Read more

Milwaukee Portable Generator Toolbox Milwaukee Portable Generator

Milwaukee has entered the portable-generator market with four models ranging from 4,300 to 7,000 watts. Read more

Stinger Cap Hammer Toolbox Stinger Cap Hammer

When the Stinger CH38 Cap Hammer came out, I bought two — even though I already owned a pneumatic cap stapler. Read more

Tight Fit in Toronto Backfill Tight Fit in Toronto

To judge by its dimensions — 45 feet by 6 feet 6 inches — the structure at 128 Day Avenue in Toronto has more in common with a bowling alley than with a residence. And in fact, the site it occupies was originally meant to be an alley. Read more

Other Articles
Trade Secrets For Wiring Old Houses Trade Secrets For Wiring Old Houses

A master electrician explains how to snake wires in an old house without damaging the plaster walls. Read more

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