February 2008 Table of Contents

Cold-Weather Tool Care Cold-Weather Tool Care

A South Dakota contractor describes how to protect your gear from subzero temperatures and extreme changes in humidity. Read more

Air-Sealing Attics In Existing Homes Air-Sealing Attics In Existing Homes

For best results, locate the heat loss with a blower door and an infrared camera. Read more

Building a SIPs Roof Building a SIPs Roof

Complex roofs with hips and dormers can be assembled quickly using these energy-efficient panels. Read more

Coping Trim With a Grinder Coping Trim With a Grinder

A high-quality angle grinder makes quick work of intricate copes in hardwood crown. Read more


Safety at gunpoint; air movement and R-value; hiring illegals; tough jeans Read more

In the News

New pressure-treated lumber promises less corrosion; OSHA decides employers must pay for safety gear; more Read more

Q & A
Sealing Around a Chimney Q&A Sealing Around a Chimney

Q: Code requires that there be a 2-inch-minimum clearance between a chimney and any combustible building materials. In the past, I've tightened attic penetrations around masonry chimneys with metal flashing and used a fireproof caulk to seal the joints. B Read more

Refinishing an Inlaid Wood Floor Refinishing an Inlaid Wood Floor

If repairs are needed, starting with a patch of the same species with matching grain and color is just the first step in the process. Read more

Q&A Subpanel Bonding

Q: Is it possible to properly bond an electrical subpanel without running four-wire SER cable to it from the service-entrance panel? Some electricians have told me that under certain circumstances the subpanel can have its own ground wire and rod, while o Read more

Business Give Your Customers Some Credit

Give your customers some credit Read more

Legal Can Property Owners Sue Subs?

Some time ago in Colorado, a property owner hired a contractor to construct a building. Not long after it was completed, a heavy snowfall caused the roof to collapse. The property owner did what you would expect him to do: He sued the contractor. But he also sued every sub who had ever set foot on the job site. Read more

Kitchen & Bath
Kitchen & Bath

Countertops; art tile Read more

Products Products

Patio doors; heating & cooling Read more

Canadian Flexi Drills Drill Bits Toolbox Canadian Flexi Drills Drill Bits

If you don't have the right tools, fishing wires can be the ultimate exercise in frustration. Read more

Milwaukee Model 2601-22 Cordless Drill Toolbox Milwaukee Model 2601-22 Cordless Drill

There's a lot to like about Milwaukee's newest compact cordless drill, model 2601-22. Read more

DeWalt DC927KL Hammer Drill Toolbox DeWalt DC927KL Hammer Drill

DeWalt says its new 18-volt nanophosphate lithium-ion batteries can endure 2,000 charging cycles. Read more

Metabo PowerGrip II Cordless Drill Toolbox Metabo PowerGrip II Cordless Drill

A conventional-sized cordless drill is a bit much for tasks like installing cabinet doors and electrical devices; a better option would be a cordless screwdriver such as Metabo's palm-sized PowerGrip II. Read more

Makita BVR450 and BVR850 Vibrators Toolbox Makita BVR450 and BVR850 Vibrators

Bug holes and honeycombing in your concrete work compromise strength and can lead to questions from inspectors. Read more

Rod Chomper RCBE-6 Toolbox Rod Chomper RCBE-6

Trade professionals often talk about 'the right tool for the job.' When it comes to cutting and bending rebar, Rod Chomper's hydraulically operated RCBE-6 is that tool. Read more

Jimmy T Tools Stake Puller Toolbox Jimmy T Tools Stake Puller

Pulling out steel-form stakes isn't anyone's idea of fun, but a neat tool promises to make the job a little easier. Read more

When Small Was Beautiful When Small Was Beautiful

To a 21st-century builder, the 1927 Home Builders Catalog is a real page-turner Read more

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