January 2008 Table of Contents

A New Kitchen in An Old House A New Kitchen in An Old House

Shifting an exterior wall made room for a larger, brighter, more versatile space. Read more

Faster Wall Framing Faster Wall Framing

By breaking the work into simple tasks, three men get one job done as quickly as possible. Read more

2007 JLC Index

Our annual listing of features and departments. Read more

Installing a Vacuum-Tube Solar Collector Installing a Vacuum-Tube Solar Collector

These highly efficient systems are a good choice in cloudy or cold climates. Read more

Letters Letters

OSB on the roof; drywall butt joints; siding solo Read more

In the News

Homeland Security reconsiders "no match" rule; Harvard Joint Center's Kermit Baker forecasts betters days for remodeling; more Read more

Q & A
Q&A Fireplaces in Tight Houses

Q: I build custom homes in a northern (heating) climate. My clients want tight, well-insulated homes - we use cellulose and often spray foam - but many also want a wood-burning fireplace. Is it possible to have a traditional hearth in a modern, tightly insulated home? Read more

Q&A Fixing Cracks in Concrete

Q: What is the best way to seal hairline cracks in a concrete driveway? The products I've found at home centers seem too thick, and my client is concerned that the cracks will get worse during the winter months. Read more

Q&A Glued Wall Sheathing

Q: Is it okay to glue OSB or plywood sheathing to the wall framing before fastening the sheathing with nails? It seems that this would be a simple and cost-effective way to add strength to a wall assembly while reducing air infiltration. Read more

Q&A Flash-and-Batt Insulation: Good Idea or Bad Practice

Q: Is the flash-and-batt technique - where an inch or two of spray-foam insulation is applied to the interior side of roof or wall sheathing before fitting rafter and stud bays with fiberglass batts - a good way to insulate? Read more

Hiding Knotholes in Exterior Trim Q&A Hiding Knotholes in Exterior Trim

A pro has a remedy for when knots and sap stains discolor previously primed eastern white pine exterior trim. Read more

Legal Defining "Green"

You probably think that I have been around too long and have seen too many contracts to sign anything containing an important specification that isn't clearly defined. Surely I would never do something as stupid as that, right? Read more

Products Products

Caulks & sealants; metal roofing Read more

Toolbox Toolbox

Transport; job-site security Read more

Workbench Wonderland Backfill Workbench Wonderland

For some of us, vintage tools are impossible to resist. The mere sight of them incites an overwhelming compulsion to buy, regardless of need. Read more

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