September 2008 Table of Contents

Building Log Homes Building Log Homes

Using a kit with kiln-dried logs reduces shrinkage and results in a tighter shell. Read more

Cutting The Dust From Fiber Cement Cutting The Dust From Fiber Cement

Specialized tools make for cleaner air and a healthier crew. Read more

Expanding a Narrow Laundry Room Expanding a Narrow Laundry Room

Cantilevering the floor and using the existing roof overhang kept costs down. Read more

Waterproofing A Rooftop Deck Waterproofing A Rooftop Deck

A kitchen bump-out provided the perfect opportunity for a small terrace off the master bedroom. Read more

Letters Letters

Framing tip; trigger-happy carpenters; defense of recessed lights; broken compact fluorescents; more Read more

In the News

Study shows high on-the-job death rate for Hispanic workers; San Diego launches new recycling mandate; states crack down on copper theft; more Read more

Q & A
Framing Options for Outside Corners Framing Options for Outside Corners

Tim Uhler explains how to frame outside corners that are strong and allow for nailing as well as insulation. Read more

Skip the Steel When Pouring  Fiber-Reinforced Concrete? Skip the Steel When Pouring Fiber-Reinforced Concrete?

Don't expect fiber additives to do the job of properly chaired steel. Read more

Q&A Burying Electrical Wiring In Attic Insulation

Q: I know that knob-and-tube wiring can't be covered with insulation, but what about BX cable and joist-mounted junction boxes? Are there any restrictions on blowing cellulose insulation into an attic and burying the cable and junction boxes? Read more

Gluing a Glulam Gluing a Glulam

Glulams are typically shipped with either a penetrating sealer or a non-penetrating coating; each type requires a different kind of adhesive. Read more

Q&A Flexible Fittings and Plumbing Codes

Q: No-hub rubber couplings with band clamps on the ends are handy for making all sorts of plumbing connections, but are there limitations on where they can be used? Read more

On the Job
Executing Tricky Miters Executing Tricky Miters

Tricky miter; giant jig for big ellipses; tree protection Read more

Business Using Checklists to Eliminate the Punch List

In 2001 my Atlanta remodeling company, SawHorse, launched a “zero punch” program, which sought to eliminate the final punch list on all jobs. Since we had five or six project managers on the payroll at any given time, as well as working relationships with a couple of dozen subcontractors, the effort posed a real management challenge. Read more

Legal Cleaning the Slate

A short time ago, a remodeler hired me to solve a dispute he had with a customer. He had been building an addition, and when he began framing the walls he discovered that the foundation slab was out of square. The concrete sub owned up to the mistake, and at no charge to the customer fixed the problem by removing and replacing parts of the slab. However, the customer was extremely unhappy with the delay this caused. Read more

Kitchen & Bath
Kitchen & Bath Kitchen & Bath

Kids’ activity center; faucet for vessel sinks; in-line bathroom fan; more Read more

Products Products

Three-way outlet; rotary dimmer; wireless smoke alarm; finish for pressure-treated lumber; more Read more

John Stortz and Son 371-B Tinner's Hammer Toolbox John Stortz and Son 371-B Tinner's Hammer

Speed up your metalwork with a 371-B tinner's hammer from Stortz. Read more

Vaughan Mfg. V5 Steel-Handle Hammer Toolbox Vaughan Mfg. V5 Steel-Handle Hammer

If your brand of contracting entails building wood forms, check out Vaughan's V5 steel-handle hammer. Read more

Stiletto Tools TiBar Wrecker Toolbox Stiletto Tools TiBar Wrecker

Looking for a do-it-all demo tool that won't weigh you down? You're unlikely to find anything better — or more expensive — than the titanium TiBar from Stiletto Tools. Read more

Nailout Industries Pneumatic Nail Puller Toolbox Nailout Industries Pneumatic Nail Puller

Salvaging material like board sheathing or wide-pine flooring involves pulling tons of nails. Read more

Toolbox Hiding Exposed Screw Heads

On most kitchen cabinet installations, the mounting screws are inconspicuous and the client never notices them. Read more

Stanley FatMax Tru-Laser Distance Measurer Toolbox Stanley FatMax Tru-Laser Distance Measurer

Earlier this year, I bought Stanley's FatMax laser measuring device — mostly because I liked its price. Read more

Genie Trailer-Mounted Z-Boom Toolbox Genie Trailer-Mounted Z-Boom

As a remodeler who works mostly inside, I can generally reach whatever I need to from a 2-foot stepladder. Read more

Model Home for Sale Backfill Model Home for Sale

Every year since 2001, home builder Cape Associates of North Eastham, Mass., has built a playhouse replica of a local historic building. Past models have included the town library, the Coast Guard station, and the famous Outermost House, which was swept off the beach during a winter storm in 1978. Read more

Other Articles
JLC Extra: Cutting Fiber Cement - Sources of Supply and Information

This list contains links to various related sources: manufacturers mentioned in the story; makers of circular blades; other articles about safe cutting practices; and MSDS sheets for fiber cement. Read more

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