February 2009 Table of Contents

Beating Wood Rot

Use borate-based wood preservatives to stop decay and epoxy to repair the damage. Read more

Fire-Blocking Basics Fire-Blocking Basics

Do you know what the code requirements are for fire-blocking and how to comply with them? Read more

Installing an Egress Window in an Existing Foundation Installing an Egress Window in an Existing Foundation

With the right equipment, you can cut the opening and install the well in a day. Read more


Hot-roof approach; cold-roof details; back to basics; concrete epoxy anchor Read more

In the News In the News

Minnesota cracks down on subcontractor isclassification; green home survives alifornia fire; no stars for LG fridges; more Read more

Q & A
Modifying Roof Trusses Q&A Modifying Roof Trusses

Here's why you should consult with an engineer before cutting into that roof truss to accommodate a new architectural detail. Read more

How to Cut Glass Tile How to Cut Glass Tile

Start with a glass-cutting blade on your wet-saw, but you'll still need to sand and polish the edges to remove chips. Read more

Are LEDs Okay in Closets? Q&A Are LEDs Okay in Closets?

A client wants to install LED light fixtures in his closets, but my local code inspector is hesitant to approve them. It seems to me that an LED fixture poses no more of a fire risk than a fluorescent light. What does the code say? Read more

Legal Negotiating an End to a Contract

There are a number of ways to terminate construction contracts. Spec builders have it easy — their contracts typically allow them to terminate problem customers at their own discretion by notifying the customer and refunding what has been paid. They can then sell the house to another buyer. This isn’t an option for remodelers. Read more


Anti-sweat valve for toilets; cold-weather spray foam; solar-powered dimmer for tubular skylights; standard-width high-performance range; faux slate roofing; more Read more

Toolbox Metabo LF724 Paint Remover

Last year one of my remodeling projects involved stripping the paint off a large area of wood siding. Read more

Job-Site Grind Backfill Job-Site Grind

Many builders talk about sustainability, but John Suppes has actually put his money where his mouth is by purchasing an $80,000 waste grinder. Read more

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