January 2009 Table of Contents

Block Foundations for Small Additions Block Foundations for Small Additions

If your crew has the skill and you own the right equipment, laying your own masonry foundations can make your company more profitable. Read more

Bracing a House With Steel Bracing a House With Steel

A coastal home with glass walls and cantilevered overhangs calls for a wind-resisting steel moment frame. Read more

Cricket Retrofit Cricket Retrofit

John Carroll explains how to build and flash a cricket, or diverter, for a downslope chimney to fix a common leak. Read more

Weathering the Downturn

Small construction companies are relying on diverse strengths to survive in a dismal economic climate. Read more

Letters: Raising Rafter Ties, CAD, Waterproof Decks

Raising rafter ties; computer help; venting reminder; more Read more

Q & A
Fix for Peeling Stucco Q&A Fix for Peeling Stucco

The painted finish on my client's recently purchased stucco house is blistering and peeling, and it's obvious that the traditional three-coat stucco underneath has been patched on several previous occasions (see photo, below). The stucco is applied over wood framing, but as is common in older houses, there is no weep screed; the stucco continues right past the bottom plate to the ground. What is causing the problem, and what's the best way to fix it? Read more

Clearances for Outdoor Cookers Q&A Clearances for Outdoor Cookers

Can an outdoor gas grille be placed under a protective overhang created by extending the existing roof? Read more

Track Your Business With a Dashboard Business Track Your Business With a Dashboard

Even companies with good systems can get into trouble if they don’t manage their growth. To avoid this fate, Jim Kabel created a “dashboard” — a set of fundamental numbers that shows the monthly trends in their sales and production pipeline: leads, close rates, job profits, and customer satisfaction. Read more

When the Customer Won't Pay Legal When the Customer Won't Pay

It’s a waste of time to keep sending invoices to a non-paying client, but what’s the alternative? Mediation? Arbitration? Or should you just sue the person? Read more


Drywall primer; affordable whirlpool tub; easy replacement windows; quiet garbage disposer; more Read more

Backfill Next - A Snap-On Addition?

Jigsaw-puzzle house Read more

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