March 2009 Table of Contents

Designing and Building Traditional Cabinets Designing and Building Traditional Cabinets

To control the finished look of custom kitchens, keep cabinet construction in-house. Read more

Replacing a Stone Foundation Replacing a Stone Foundation

The trick was holding up the roof while leaving plenty of room to work. Read more

Web Sites For Rookies Web Sites For Rookies

If you don’t have an online presence yet, now’s a good time to start. Read more

Composite Decking Update Composite Decking Update

Forget “no maintenance”: These products require periodic cleaning and upkeep to prevent mold stains. Read more


IRC sprinkler rule misinformed; rain screen for cement stone veneer; adequate drainage Read more

In the News

Chinese drywall investigated in Florida; West Virginia builder sued for installing fake radon systems; green building stats fall short; more Read more

Q & A
Recycling Form Boards Recycling Form Boards

Can concrete form boards be reused for framing, or does exposure to concrete weaken framing lumber? Read more

Soundproofing Drainpipes Soundproofing Drainpipes

If you can't replace PVC pipes with more dense cast iron, wrap the pipe with special sound-dampening material. Read more

Business Getting Real About Energy Efficiency

When it comes to the long-term energy performance of homes, there is little doubt — particularly after the recent spike in oil prices — that the marketplace is going to start expecting greater accountability and more sophisticated analysis. Read more

Products Products

Tapered column wraps; wireless lighting control; touchpad deadbolt; vinyl siding with foam reinforcement; fiberglass columns; more Read more

Milwaukee M12 Hackzall Toolbox Milwaukee M12 Hackzall

I've been using the Milwaukee 2420-22 Hackzall kit in my remodeling and deck-building business since late last summer. Read more

Lee Valley Tools Veritas DX60 Low-Angle Block Plane Toolbits Lee Valley Tools Veritas DX60 Low-Angle Block Plane

Lee Valley's Veritas DX60 Low-Angle Block Plane has innovative features like a sliding mouth-adjustment plate fully enclosed within the tool's sole and tiny set screws to lock in the mouth adjustment and cutter alignment. Read more

Kapro 303 Hole Marker Toolbits Kapro 303 Hole Marker

The easiest way to avoid inaccurate measurements is to not measure at all. Read more

Fein Turbo II Vacuum Toolbits Fein Turbo II Vacuum

Fein has improved its portable vacuums — or 'dust extractors,' as the company calls them — by adding variable speed control and two extra casters (for a total of six). Read more

Duo-Fast Paper Tape Framing Nails Toolbits Duo-Fast Paper Tape Framing Nails

Collated strip nails for 20-degree full round-head framing nailers are typically held together by rigid plastic strips that can transform into mini projectiles and pile up underfoot like so many ball bearings. Read more

Milwaukee Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum Toolbits Milwaukee Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum

Keeping a job site clean shouldn't slow you down. Read more

Cooper Arrow Hart RhinoBoxes Toolbits Cooper Arrow Hart RhinoBoxes

A centralized temporary supply box for power on a new construction site saves wiring time and improves worker safety. Read more

Wixey WR 525 Remote Digital Readout Toolbits Wixey WR 525 Remote Digital Readout

There's a better way to measure bit height than balancing a ruler on end above the hole in your router table. Read more

Oneida Dust Cobra Toolbits Oneida Dust Cobra

Offering more lift than a dust collector and more airflow than a vacuum, Oneida's Dust Cobra can handle on-site dust collection and big cleanup jobs. Read more

Hidden Hatch Backfill Hidden Hatch

An alternative to an open stairwell, this custom hatch cover provides easy access to the lower level without sacrificing floor space. Read more

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