April 2010 Table of Contents

Built-Out Trim for Exterior Foam Built-Out Trim for Exterior Foam

PVC trim provided the depth needed to accommodate an inch of insulation board. Read more

Installing a Green Roof Installing a Green Roof

Interlocking pre-grown panels add little dead load to the roof. Read more

What's New in Insulation? What's New in Insulation?

Improved materials and hybrid systems make it easier to build energy-efficient houses. Read more

Super-Insulated Slab Foundations Super-Insulated Slab Foundations

Compacted drainage stone and a thick layer of foam prevent frost damage and keep the heat inside the building. Read more

Letters April 2010

Sealing cuts in fiber cement; epoxy from a caulk gun; a grinding reminder; pricing kitchen remodels Read more

JLC Report: Skepticism Greets California Green Building Code

Skepticism greets California’s green-building code; a closer look at green paints; Hitachi recalls coil framing nailers after injuries; more Read more

On the Job
On the Job Replacing a Wood Beam With Steel

The LVL beam had been installed in an earlier remodel to replace structural partitions supporting the second floor. Since Cox knew that a flush steel beam could do the job just as well — but invisibly — he offered to include the swap-out in the contract. Read more

Getting Certified for Home Energy Audits Business Getting Certified for Home Energy Audits

As the owner of a small remodeling and handyman company (nearly $1 million annual sales before the downturn), I’ve always been careful to stay focused on our core offerings — bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and small jobs ranging from two-hour service calls to week-long “honey do” lists. Read more

Products Products

Heat-recovering drainpipe; garage-door openers; extra-smooth nails; trench drain; treated glulams; garage storage; basement bulkheads; extra-long sheathing; more Read more

Bilco Steel Bulkhead Bilco Steel Bulkhead

Bilco is celebrating its 75th anniversary with improvements to its Classic Series steel bulkhead. Read more

Paslode Nails Paslode Nails

Paslode has developed a nail that takes less energy to drive, making it a good option for engineered lumber. Read more

Liftmaster Garage Door Opener Liftmaster Garage Door Opener

LiftMaster’s Model 3800 jack-shaft garage-door opener mounts on the wall next to the door and attaches directly to the door’s torsion bar, freeing up overhead space. Read more

RenewAbility Heat Recovery RenewAbility Heat Recovery

By recovering heat from household wastewater, the Power-Pipe can reduce water-heating expenses by up to 40 percent, the maker says. Read more

Diamond Storage Concepts Ceiling Storage Diamond Storage Concepts Ceiling Storage

HyLoft ceiling storage units take advantage of the open space beneath tall garage ceilings and come in a range of sizes from 3 by 3 feet to 4 by 8 feet. Read more

MJSI Toilet Fill Valve MJSI Toilet Fill Valve

The Hydro Clean 660 by MJSI has a couple of features not found on most toilet fill valves. Read more

ClamDoor Basement Door Products ClamDoor Basement Door

The ClamDoor is a lightweight fiberglass alternative to traditional basement bulkheads. Read more

Norbord OSB Panels Norbord OSB Panels

TallWall lets you sheathe today’s taller walls without creating horizontal seams. Read more

Sommer USA Garage Door Opener Sommer USA Garage Door Opener

The Synoris garage-door opener is the most popular opener in Europe, claims the manufacturer. Read more

Quick Drain USA Trench Drain Quick Drain USA Trench Drain

Quick Drain’s new Pro Line linear trench drain fits a wider range of finished floor thicknesses than the company’s previous offerings and comes in more designs and sizes. Read more

Anthony Forest Products Glulam Beams Anthony Forest Products Glulam Beams

Power Preserved glulam beams are treated with Cop-Guard, a solvent-based copper naphthenate formulation. Read more

Toolbox Fast Job-Site Joinery

Finish carpentry is all about making joints quickly and accurately. Read more

Skyline Northwest Sight Shield Goggles Toolbits Skyline Northwest Sight Shield Goggles

If you need to protect your eyes from flying debris but find that most goggles limit your view, check out Sight Shield goggles. Read more

Makita AC310H Compressor and Coil Nailers Toolbits Makita AC310H Compressor and Coil Nailers

Makita brought a couple of its Japanese-market nailers to the U.S. and paired them up with a new compressor. Read more

Hang Time Toolbits Hang Time

Framers and deck builders struggling to position long joists can give themselves an extra hand with Joist Jaws by Grabber. Read more

Ansell Healthcare VibraGuard Gloves Toolbits Ansell Healthcare VibraGuard Gloves

Exposure to high levels of vibration can lead to serious injuries. Read more

Robotic Transit for Perfect Foundation Layouts Backfill Robotic Transit for Perfect Foundation Layouts

Although precise methods for layout have existed for thousands of years, not everyone seems to accord them equal value. Ponying up, say, $40,000 for a transit may strike you as over the top, but Hunzinger Construction of Brookfield, Wis., did just that. Read more

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