March 2010 Table of Contents

A Bridge From Two Flatcars A Bridge From Two Flatcars

Intelligent reuse allows an access driveway to cross a 38-foot span without damaging the stream below. Read more

An Ice Dam Analyzed An Ice Dam Analyzed

In snow country, soffit-to-ridge venting is typically the most practical way to prevent ice dams in cathedral ceiling assemblies. Read more

Foundation for a Problem Site Foundation for a Problem Site

A carefully engineered foundation and alternative septic system add value to a bargain-priced lot. Read more

High-Efficiency Toilets High-Efficiency Toilets

New 1.28-gallon toilets do a surprisingly good job of clearing the bowl. Read more

Installing an Efficient Noncondensing Boiler Installing an Efficient Noncondensing Boiler

Tax credits are great, but does your client really need a condensing boiler? Read more

Dressing Up a Gable With a Fiber-Cement Sunburst Dressing Up a Gable With a Fiber-Cement Sunburst

Full-scale layout - and a little bit of math - simplifies the process of cutting the tapered clapboards. Read more


Housing crisis; code approval for roll-in showers; a livable wage; no back-priming required Read more

JLC Report: Uncertainty Abounds As Lead-Safe Remodeling Deadline Nears

Uncertainty abounds as lead-safe remodeling deadline nears; Haiti says no thanks to formaldehyde trailers; U.S. glassmakers lose out to Chinese company; more Read more

Measuring the Strength of a Wood-Steel Composite Beam Measuring the Strength of a Wood-Steel Composite Beam

Will through-bolted LVL nailers added to a steel I-beam make the assembly stiffer and stronger? Read more

Q&A Wrong-Side Housewrap

While preparing for an extensive remodeling project, we discovered that the housewrap was installed underneath the exterior 7/16-inch plywood rather than on top. According to the scope of work, we are supposed to install 1/2-inch foam board with taped seams over the entire exterior. Will the plywood sandwiched between the housewrap and foam cause a problem with moisture buildup or anything else? Read more

Best Mix for Pumped Concrete Best Mix for Pumped Concrete

Why ready-mix plants add extra sand, special aggregate, air-entraining agents, and superplasticizers instead of more water to pumped concrete. Read more

Financial Statements: Above or Below-the-Line Costs Business Financial Statements: Above or Below-the-Line Costs

In recent years I’ve spent a lot of time speaking to and consulting with builders and remodelers, big and small, and I’ve noted that there’s often confusion about what types of costs go where on a financial statement. Read more

Dry Wall Dry Wall

Cosella-Dörken’s three-ply Delta Footing Barrier keeps groundwater out of walls by providing a waterproof break between a building’s footing and its foundation Read more

Double Insulated Double Insulated

Owens Corning’s EnergyComplete System has two components: a latex-based spray foam and blown-in fiberglass insulation. Read more

Custom Kit Custom Kit

Fantech’s Kitchen Ventilation System contains all the components needed to build a custom range hood: a stainless steel hood liner, a remote inline fan, and an optional inline silencer. Read more

Roof Water Diverters Roof Water Diverters

DryFlekt Kick-Out Diverters help direct water away from areas where roof surfaces intersect vertical walls and into gutters. Read more

Make-Up Air Duct Fittings Make-Up Air Duct Fittings

High-volume exhaust hoods can create negative pressure in a tightly built house, which can cause backdrafting of gas-heating appliance flues. Read more

Fiberglass Wallboard Tape Fiberglass Wallboard Tape

FibaFuse paperless drywall tape by Saint-Gobain Technical Fabrics is composed of a porous fiberglass that makes it highly mold resistant and stronger than paper tape, says the manufacturer. Read more

Clear Coat Clear Coat

Stucco-Guard by Seal-Krete protects new and old stucco against freeze/thaw damage and rain driven by winds of up to 124 mph, says the maker. Read more

High-Tech Range Hood High-Tech Range Hood

Part of Jenn-Air’s new Glass Collection, the 32-inch JXP5032WS Perimetric Hood looks more like a flat-screen TV than a kitchen ventilation appliance. Read more

Quieter Drywall Quieter Drywall

National Gypsum’s sound-reducing drywall now comes in a thinner size for residential use. Read more

Temporary Switch and Receptacle Plates Temporary Switch and Receptacle Plates

Cooper’s SmartGuard Protection Plates protect electrical work from drywall mud and paint. Read more

Toolbox Two New Right-Angle Cordless Drivers

My first right-angle drill was a small corded model that other carpenters were always asking to borrow. Read more

Bench Dog Tools Bullnose Trim Gauge Toolbits Bench Dog Tools Bullnose Trim Gauge

Marking out the 22 1/2-degree cuts needed for three-piece bullnose corner trim can take a bit of trial and error to get accurate results. Read more

Jenny K11HGA-17P-3000W Compressor/Generator Toolbits Jenny K11HGA-17P-3000W Compressor/Generator

Jenny Products' K11HGA-17P-3000W combination compressor and generator is powered by an 11-hp Honda engine with an electric starter. Read more

Stanley Bostitch 33-001 25-Foot Tape Measure Toolbits Stanley Bostitch 33-001 25-Foot Tape Measure

Heavy-duty tools previously sold under the Stanley FatMax Xtreme name are now being marketed as Stanley Bostitch products. Read more

PrimeSource GR309EDV Electric Compressor Toolbits PrimeSource GR309EDV Electric Compressor

Grip-Rite teamed up with Rol-Air to build its new wheelbarrow-style air compressors. Read more

Backfill An Affordable Solar Home

Last fall, 20 college and university teams from the U.S. and abroad gathered in Washington, D.C., to take part in the 2009 Solar Decathlon. Read more

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