November 2010 Table of Contents

Custom Doors From Stock Slabs Custom Doors From Stock Slabs

Use applied moldings create the look of a custom door for a fraction of the cost. Read more

Installing Vinyl Replacement Windows Installing Vinyl Replacement Windows

Sealant is the key to a leak-free installation. Read more

Net Zero House for a Cold Climate Net Zero House for a Cold Climate

An architect shares his plan and process for building a northern Vermont house that produces as much energy as it consumes. Read more

Soundproofing Outdoor Generators and Condensers Soundproofing Outdoor Generators and Condensers

Special mounts, acoustic blankets, and properly sized barriers are all part of the solution. Read more

JLC Report Vacuum-Insulated Glass Takes On Triple Glazing

New "skinny vacuum" configuration promises higher thermal performance without added bulk. Read more

JLC Report Houses Shrink While Buyer Satisfaction Grows

As homes get smaller, buyers like them more. Read more

JLC Report/Offcuts Builder Pays $1 Million to Settle Deck Collapse Suit

Ledger was fastened with nails, not lag screws. Read more

JLC Reports/Offcuts Wisconsin Attorney General Eases Building Permit Restrictions

Localities can't impose standards more stringent than the state's. Read more

JLC Report/Offcuts Builder Sued for Using Stock House Plans Without License

Defendant denies the charge. Read more

JLC Report/Offcuts Builder Liability for Defective Drywall Limited in LA

State waranty law sets one-year limit. Read more

JLC Report/Offcuts Out-of-Work Carpenter Denied Unemployment Benefits

Advertising services isn't looking for work, officials say. Read more

On the Job
On the Job: Installing a Flush Flitch-Plate Beam On the Job: Installing a Flush Flitch-Plate Beam

Installing a flush flitch-plate beam; rotproof brackets Read more

Installing a Flush Flitch-Plate Beam On the Job Installing a Flush Flitch-Plate Beam

When building a bump-out addition, here's a structurally-sound approach that you can use to open up an exterior wall. Read more

Rotproof Brackets On the Job Rotproof Brackets

What to do when wooden brackets have seen better days. Read more

Bendable Trim Product Bendable Trim

Polymer-based Flex Trim radius moldings generally cost one-third as much as comparable custom-made curved wood moldings and are immune to damage by salt, moisture, and extreme temperatures. Read more

Safer Sheathing Product Safer Sheathing

The company that invented OSB sheathing now offers a version it says is nearly three times more burn-resistant than a conventional wood panel. Read more

Color-Coded Spackling Product Color-Coded Spackling

DAP DryDex Spackling is a fast-drying product that features a colorful “dry time indicator.” Read more

Superior Staircase Protection Product Superior Staircase Protection

Placing a drop cloth on stairs requires constant vigilance. With the Flex & Form Conformable Staircase Runner, you can lay down some protection and then forget about it. Read more

Fastener-Free Hardwood Flooring Product Fastener-Free Hardwood Flooring

Elastilon Self-Adhesive Underlay Membrane promises to make installing a solid hardwood floor as easy as a laminate job. Read more

No-Mess Corner Bead Product No-Mess Corner Bead

Nonmetal corner beads are crack-resistant and easy to put on, but they’re also messy. The inside of Hydrotrim corners are already coated with a water-based adhesive, so they need only water. Read more

Joist Hanger Thumb-Saver Product Joist Hanger Thumb-Saver

Years ago, a black-and-blue thumb was the mark of all carpenters; now it’s the sign of someone who installs framing connectors. Read more

Visible Comfort Product Visible Comfort

Looking for a cooler way to work, the GloWear 8289 Class-2 Economy T-Shirt is made from blended polyester, making it more breathable. Read more

Diet Drywall Product Diet Drywall

Lightweight drywall sounds like an oxymoron. But USG says that its Sheetrock UltraLight Panels are up to 30 percent lighter than conventional 1/2-inch panels. Read more

Plug-and-Play Speakers Product Plug-and-Play Speakers

Eaton Corp. has created multiroom audio speakers that only requires a single cat-5 cable to connect with the audio/video source. Read more

Pullout Microwave Product Pullout Microwave

Viking’s Undercounter DrawerMicro Oven installs underneath a countertop or wall oven. Read more

Pure Plywood Product Pure Plywood

Like lead and asbestos, formaldehyde was long considered an unpleasant but irreplaceable part of the building process. But this known carcinogen finally appears to be on its way out. Read more

Toolbox A Durable Truck Rack

I navigated the first decade of my carpentry career without a lumber rack. Read more

Rockler Model 31166 Corrugated Fastener Nailer Toolbits Rockler Model 31166 Corrugated Fastener Nailer

Rather than build frames in place stick by stick, some trimmers assemble door and window casings on the floor and shoot them into place on the wall. Read more

Jackson Pulverizer Demolition Hammer Toolbits Jackson Pulverizer Demolition Hammer

At about one foot long and 3 1/2 pounds, the Jackson Pulverizer demolition hammer is easy to handle with one hand. Read more

Reconnx Nail Kicker V20 Nail Remover Toolbits Reconnx Nail Kicker V20 Nail Remover

The Nail Kicker V20 by Reconnx removes nails from lumber. Read more

Diablo Demo Demon Circ-Saw Blade Toolbits Diablo Demo Demon Circ-Saw Blade

According to Diablo, the new Demo Demon 7 1/4-inch circ-saw blade lasts longer in nail-infested and other challenging materials. Read more

Vermontasaurus vs. The Zoning Board Backfill Vermontasaurus vs. The Zoning Board

How a dinosaur built of scrap lumber narrowly escaped being deemed a building by town officials. Read more

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