September 2010 Table of Contents

How a Remodeler Survived the Housing Bust How a Remodeler Survived the Housing Bust

Unlearning bad habits picked up during the boom years is the first step to recovery. Read more

Residential Rainwater-Collection Systems Residential Rainwater-Collection Systems

Water for household use is within easy reach, but you have to filter and disinfect it first. Read more

Troubleshooting Spray-Foam Insulation Troubleshooting Spray-Foam Insulation

A lot can go wrong with a two-part plastic insulation that is essentially manufactured on the job site as it’s being applied. Here’s what to look out for. Read more

Letters Letters Letters

Say no to snitching; SIP tip; insulation debate; beware online referral services; more Read more

JLC Report
JLC Report: Table-Saw Lawsuit Rattles Power-Tool Industry JLC Report: Table-Saw Lawsuit Rattles Power-Tool Industry

Table-saw lawsuit rattles power-tool industry; NAHB challenges EPA over removal of opt-out provision in lead law; more Read more

On the Job
On the Job: Reworking an Island On the Job On the Job: Reworking an Island

Reworking an island Read more

If Time Is Money, How Can I Control the Clock? Business If Time Is Money, How Can I Control the Clock?

Knowing how many jobs you need to complete and collect for on a monthly and quarterly basis is critical to meeting the financial goals you set for the period. But how do you know on a week-by-week — or even day-by-day — basis whether your jobs are moving you toward the goal line? Read more

Cold-Applied Waterproofing Products Cold-Applied Waterproofing

Unlike waterproofing compounds that have to be heated in a kettle, Henry’s CM100 waterproofing is applied “cold” and cures in contact with moisture in the air. Read more

Latex Foam Products Latex Foam

Fill gaps around windows, doors, and plumbing penetrations with Daptex Plus latex foam sealant by Dap. Read more

Package Deal Products Package Deal

Rheem’s SolPak solar hot-water heating package. Read more

Heat Pump Products Heat Pump

The Tranquility 27 Series geothermal heat pump is ClimateMaster’s latest and most efficient unit, with an EER rating of 27. Read more

Quick Stick Products Quick Stick

Grace Bondera self-adhesive tile underlayment lets you quickly install tile over a variety of finished surfaces, with no mortar or mastic. Read more

Get the Edge Products Get the Edge

American Bullnose Co. makes custom bullnose edge pieces that match your tile or stone exactly. Read more

Hot Wired Products Hot Wired

The high-efficiency DSZC16 ComfortNet heat pump by Goodman is performance-rated at 16 SEER for cooling and 9.5 HSPF for heating. Read more

Top Concrete Products Top Concrete

Increase your chances of fabricating a crack-free countertop surface by using a concrete formula made specifically for the job. Read more

Commercial Appeal Products Commercial Appeal

Add a custom touch to a kitchen with made-to-order stainless steel or copper countertops by Specialty Stainless, the residential division of Eskay Metal Fabricating. Read more

Sliding Nuts Products Sliding Nuts

Over time, as the wood in a structure shrinks, continuous-rod seismic hold-downs can loosen and become less effective. The RAS Nut by Ratcheting Anchor Systems moves with the structure to stay tight. Read more

Solar Light Products Solar Light

Shed light anywhere on a property — without wiring — with Larson Electronics’ solar-powered Magnalight SPLED-5 exterior fixture. Read more

Toolbox Paslode PF150S-PP Hardware Nailer

I have used or owned most of the metal-connector nailers on the market, so when I heard that Paslode was introducing a new, smaller Positive Placement tool, I was eager to try it. Read more

Jevons Tool 3D Squares Toolbits Jevons Tool 3D Squares

Jevons Tool 3D Squares are designed to aid in clamping casework corners and other joinery. Read more

Little Giant Sumo Stance Extension Ladder Toolbits Little Giant Sumo Stance Extension Ladder

The Sumo Stance extension ladder by Little Giant has two adjustable-length legs that slide out to triple the width of the ladder's footprint. Read more

Bosch GCM12SD Miter Saw Toolbits Bosch GCM12SD Miter Saw

Rather than sliding back and forth on rails, Bosch's new GCM12SD 12-inch miter saw moves on hinges. Read more

SafeTec Platforms 5-Step S-Deck Pro Toolbits SafeTec Platforms 5-Step S-Deck Pro

SafeTec Platforms makes lightweight aluminum work platforms with integral ladders in a unique scissor-leg design. Read more

Plasma-Screen Windows Backfill Plasma-Screen Windows

Computer engineer and part-time carpenter Ryan Hoagland, has developed a system for configuring one or more high-definition plasma TVs as a remarkably convincing substitute for conventional windows. Read more

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