February 2011 Table of Contents

On Site With Zip System Sheathing On Site With Zip System Sheathing

Get faster dry-in and a tighter building envelope without housewrap. Read more

Rescuing a Spreading Roof Rescuing a Spreading Roof

A horizontal beam and steel tie rods resist rafter thrust with little disruption to the rest of the structure. Read more

Restoring a Standing-Seam Roof Restoring a Standing-Seam Roof

Properly maintained, this elastomeric coating can protect a metal roof indefinitely. Read more

Weathertight Windows Weathertight Windows

How a wet-climate builder details the layers to keep out the rain. Read more

Faster Time Tracking Faster Time Tracking

This automated time clock can speed payroll, improve job-costing, and help you estimate more accurately. Read more

Letters Letters

Don't forget insulation; thermal solar storage; time-saving sidewall detail Read more

JLC Report: Passive House Seeks Broader Appeal

Passive House seeks broader appeal; proposed code changes stir controversy in North Carolina; more Read more

Roof Venting a Cape in a Wet Climate? Roof Venting a Cape in a Wet Climate?

Why insulating and air-sealing the envelope rather than ventilating the roof will keep a coastal home's interior cooler and drier. Read more

Hiding a Rough Drywall Texture Hiding a Rough Drywall Texture

A heavy-bodied primer can solve the problem of taped joints and sanded paper showing through the paint finish. Read more

On the Job
Working With Sonotubes Working With Sonotubes

Every porch or deck I build starts with level footings and solid, plumb concrete piers - insurance that my projects will stand for many years to come. Read more

Quick Porch Enclosure Quick Porch Enclosure

Over 20 years ago, on a vinyl siding job, I screened in a deck that had a shed roof. Read more

How To Run A Lean Construction Business

For the past few months we've been focusing on planning - but sooner or later you're going to have to build something in order to earn that income you're planning for. Read more

Cheap Flood Insurance Cheap Flood Insurance

Floodchek washing machine hoses are made from industrial-grade hose and machined brass couplings. Read more

Versatile Ductwork Diffuser Versatile Ductwork Diffuser

One-piece polymer construction makes the MH Tuff Box leakproof, says the maker - an advantage over conventional sheet-metal diffusers. Read more

Simpler Solar Panel Assemblies Simpler Solar Panel Assemblies

Cost and complexity are the two main reasons you don't see a photovoltaic array on every rooftop in America (except in Seattle). Read more

Reclaimed Old-Growth Oak Flooring Reclaimed Old-Growth Oak Flooring

Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring from HomerWood is milled from old-growth red and white oak salvaged from condemned barns. Read more

Dimmer For Tubular Skylights Dimmer For Tubular Skylights

Tube skylights are a great way to bring natural light into interior spaces. Read more

Moisture-Resistant Wood Bath Vanities Moisture-Resistant Wood Bath Vanities

Although designers routinely convert old dressers into bath vanities, the units seldom age well in wet conditions. Read more

Simpler Rainscreen Fibercement Siding Simpler Rainscreen Fibercement Siding

The benefits of rain-screen siding are beyond dispute, but getting the details right can be tricky. Read more

Stylish Safety Glasses Stylish Safety Glasses

Some safety equipment is specific to certain conditions or tasks, but eye protection should be worn all the time. Read more

Cedar Closet Liner Cedar Closet Liner

It's no myth that cedar can protect clothing from moths, says the maker of CedarSafe Natural ClosetLiner. Read more

Energy-Efficient Recessed Downlights Energy-Efficient Recessed Downlights

LEDme Recessed Downlights offer the energy efficiency and life span of LED technology concealed within a discreet design. Read more

Lower-Cost Basement Ventilator Lower-Cost Basement Ventilator

Many people don't realize that a dehumidifier is as costly to operate as a room air conditioner. Read more

Liquid Housewrap Liquid Housewrap

StoGuard is a liquid coating that's applied with a sprayer directly onto wood or gypsum-based sheathing. Read more

Bosch GCM12SD Miter Saw Bosch GCM12SD Miter Saw

You can start a pretty good argument on a job site simply by asking which is better: a fixed-head miter saw or a slider. Read more

Compact Torch Compact Torch

The Quickfire Hand Torch fits easily in tight cavities that other torches are too big for, says the maker. Read more

Ladder-Top Tool Buckets Ladder-Top Tool Buckets

A few years ago, Werner began equipping many of its stepladders with a top cap designed to hold a variety of tools and paint containers. Read more

Multi-Tool Adapter Multi-Tool Adapter

Bosch recently came out with an adaptor plate that lets you use the company's extensive collection of cutting and sanding attachments on any brand of oscillating multi-tool. Read more

All-Graphite Construction Marker All-Graphite Construction Marker

The Super Pencil looks like a typical carpenter's pencil except that all of it - not just the core - is graphite. Read more

A Short History Of Screws A Short History Of Screws

A long look back at the humble screw. Read more

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