March 2011 Table of Contents

Lead-Safe Paint Removal Lead-Safe Paint Removal

Choosing the right tool can make a nasty job easier and safer. Read more

Restoring an Old Porch Restoring an Old Porch

Solid piers, strengthened framing, and durable finish materials promise a long life for this rejuvenated beauty. Read more

Siding With Cedar Shingles Siding With Cedar Shingles

For best results, choose top-quality shingles and use these smart production techniques. Read more

Tiling Over Plywood Subfloors Tiling Over Plywood Subfloors

For crack-free floors, limit joist deflection and install two layers of 3/4-inch plywood and a thinset membrane. Read more


Facing an expensive regulatory future; don't forget the fresh air; code-compliant windows Read more

JLC Report: OSHA Interim Guideline or Fall Protection JLC Report: OSHA Interim Guideline or Fall Protection

OSHA moves to limit alternative fall protection; Senate votes to repeal much-criticized tax provision; Californians snap up smog-eating tile roofs; more Read more

Protecting Profits in Your Construction Business Protecting Profits in Your Construction Business

Let's begin this month by reviewing some basic financial concepts and benchmarks. Read more

Moisture-Resistant Drywall Moisture-Resistant Drywall

For interior spaces susceptible to mold, Gold Bond offers gypsum board with a moisture-resistant core and fiberglass face. Read more

Vent-Pipe Boot Repair Vent-Pipe Boot Repair

Instead of ripping out and replacing a leaking pipe boot, try a noninvasive solution -- the Perma-Boot 312. Read more

RRP Facilitator RRP Facilitator

Do the complex procedures and record-keeping mandated by the Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) rule have you pulling out your hair? Read more

Low-Profile Perimeter Drain Low-Profile Perimeter Drain

The manufacturer of H-Cove claims that this retrofit basement water channel requires significantly less demolition and material replacement than other strategies for reducing basement moisture. Read more

High-End HardiPlank Siding High-End HardiPlank Siding

The company that invented fiber-cement siding now has a premium line of this workhorse building material. Read more

Popular Design Water-Saving Toilets Popular Design Water-Saving Toilets

Three popular toilets from American Standard are now available as high-efficiency models. Read more

Breathable Drop Cloths for Freshly Finished Surfaces Breathable Drop Cloths for Freshly Finished Surfaces

The SurfacePro drop cloth is designed specifically for newly finished hardwood floors. Read more

Flexible Corner Tape Flexible Corner Tape

If you'd like to simplify the process of finishing drywall corners, take a look at FibaTape Composite Drywall Corner Tape. Read more

Drywall Neutralizes VOCs Drywall Neutralizes VOCs

Last year's news was full of stories about defective Chinese gypsum board making people sick. Read more

Three-Stage Whole-House Water Filter Three-Stage Whole-House Water Filter

People who live in areas with questionable water quality might need more than a faucet filter. Read more

Drywall Patching Plates Drywall Patching Plates

The Mulligan promises to make repairing sloppy cuts around electrical boxes faster and easier. Read more

Continuous-Flow, Easy-Clean Gutter Outlets Continuous-Flow, Easy-Clean Gutter Outlets

Most systems for preventing clogged gutters provide a barrier against leaves and debris. Read more

Stabila IP65 Tech Electronic Level Stabila IP65 Tech Electronic Level

I've never rushed out to buy the latest spirit level. Read more

Foolproof Reveal Marking Gauge Foolproof Reveal Marking Gauge

There are all sorts of devices for marking reveals, but few are as simple and easy to use as a TrimMaster. Read more

Plug-in Brad Nailer Plug-in Brad Nailer

If you're tired of lugging around a bulky compressor to power a tiny brad nailer, you might want to check out Arrow's new EBN320 RED Professional Electric Brad Nail Gun. Read more

Pocket Screws for Decks Pocket Screws for Decks

The company that pioneered the use of hidden fasteners now offers a jig that helps you fasten deck boards. Read more

Preset Angle Square Preset Angle Square

Bora's Multi-Angle Adjustable Square is designed to combine the accuracy of a combination square with the versatility of a T-bevel. Read more

Snake-Infested Idaho House Snake-Infested Idaho House

It was a story to gladden the heart of an editor or blogger facing a slow news day: The nice-looking little house had been marked down from $175,000 to $109,200 because it was infested with ... snakes. Read more

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