December 2012 Table of Contents

30 Years of JLC

A look back at the highlights from 30 years covering the building and construction industry. Read more

Strengthening an Old Roof Strengthening an Old Roof

New LVL framing straightens and stiffens an underbuilt timberframe Read more

Getting Oil Results With Waterborne Finishes Getting Oil Results With Waterborne Finishes

Premium latex paints are easier to work with than traditional oils and can look just as good. Read more

Fall Protection for Roof Work Fall Protection for Roof Work

To comply with OSHA safety rules, you need the right equipment, but you also need proper training and a written plan. Read more

18-Volt Cordless Circular Saws 18-Volt Cordless Circular Saws

The best models have good runtime and cut dense material without slowing down Read more

Letters Construction Consulting Agreement

Having a preconstruction agreement allows you to get paid for your consulting time and expertise even when clients choose not to hire you for the project Read more

JLC Report
Hurricane Sandy: Aftermath Hurricane Sandy: Aftermath

Along the battered Northeast coast, contractors assess the damage and get to work Read more

Cutting Holes in Sheathing Q&A Cutting Holes in Sheathing

Even small openings in a braced wall can interrupt the load path and compromise the ability of the structure to withstand wind and seismic loads. Read more

Q&A Reusing Loose-Fill Cellulose

Working around existing attic insulation to seal air leaks may be more cost-effective than removing and replacing it Read more

On the Job
Frost-Protected Shallow Garage Slab On the Job Frost-Protected Shallow Garage Slab

Instead of excavating to below the frostline, insulate below the edge of the slab and out from the building. Read more

Roll-Up Floor Protection Products Roll-Up Floor Protection

FlexBoard is easier than hardboard to handle and store Read more

Smaller Spa Products Smaller Spa

Aquatic's acrylic drop-in Starla Tub is sized to replace 60-inch bathtubs Read more

Seamless Drains Products Seamless Drains

Lenova has redesigned its stainless steel sinks to eliminate the yuck factor Read more

Salvaged Counters Products Salvaged Counters

Heritage Countertops are made from hardwoods rescued from old buildings Read more

Paper Counters Products Paper Counters

Richliteís Northwest Collection countertops are stronger than most stone and solid-surface offerings, says the company Read more

High-Performance Windows High-Performance Windows

Zola says its Tilt & Turn units are often speced for Passive Houses because they're so energy-efficient Read more

Earth-Friendly Fasteners Products Earth-Friendly Fasteners

According to Maze, Stormguard Coil Roofing Nails contain at least 85 percent recycled steel and zinc Read more

Crawlspace Cover Products Crawlspace Cover

The 8 Mil Floor Liner is durable and easy to install, says the maker Read more

Copper Tub Products Copper Tub

Aurora freestanding soaking tubs are hand-hammered for a distressed appearance Read more

Ceramic Tile Products Ceramic Tile

Atelier Flooring snaps together like a jigsaw puzzle to create strikingly uniform patterns Read more

Butcherblock Alternative Butcherblock Alternative

Teragrenís Bamboo Worktops are durable and environmentally friendly, says the maker Read more

Accessible Fridge Products Accessible Fridge

The DCS 36-inch French Door Refrigerator offers ease of access and lots storage space Read more

Soy-Based Stripper Products Soy-Based Stripper

LeadOut works by converting lead to nonhazardous lead sulfide, says the maker Read more

JoistPro Metal-Connector Nailers Toolbox JoistPro Metal-Connector Nailers

Two Senco hardware nailers are put to the test Read more

Safer Fish Tape Toolbits Safer Fish Tape

Volt-Guard is designed to be used around live circuits Read more

Versatile Torpedo Toolbits Versatile Torpedo

With the DWHT43003, DeWalt has given the lowly torpedo level a significant upgrade Read more

Tool Tether Toolbits Tool Tether

The Gear Keeper Retractable Lanyard is suitable for tools weighing up to a pound Read more

Nightingale Floors Backfill Nightingale Floors

In feudal Japan, intentionally squeaky floors were the equivalent of a modern security system Read more

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