November 2012 Table of Contents

Air-Sealing for Hot Climates

Excluding heat and humidity saves energy, improves comfort, and increases durability Read more

Laminating Stringers for Curved Deck Stairs Laminating Stringers for Curved Deck Stairs

A full-scale plywood template doubles as the base for the bending frame Read more

Running Crown Production Style Running Crown Production Style

Gary Katz explains how his approach to installing crown molding leads to a more efficient job. Read more

Working Safely in a Cellulose-filled Attic Working Safely in a Cellulose-filled Attic

An insulation contractor explains how to avoid problems when working in an attic filled with cellulose insulation. Read more

Stiffening a Pony Wall Q&A Stiffening a Pony Wall

Rigid framing for a low wall with one freestanding end Read more

Q&A Does Code Allow Ground Supported Decks?

Although not directly addressed by the code, model code provisions seem to permit their use Read more

On the Job
A Deck-Builder's Tool Kit On the Job A Deck-Builder's Tool Kit

These specialized tools make the work go faster Read more

Business Preventing Handoff Errors

Putting all the paperwork for a project in a single notebook ensures details don't get lost during the transition from sales to production Read more

Weathered Wood Products Weathered Wood

Montana Ghost Wood comes from dead standing trees, mostly spruce and lodgepole killed by beetles and forest fires Read more

Two-Part Urethane Products Two-Part Urethane

Originally developed for boats, SilverThane SA-2100 is suitable for any application that requires a waterproof gap-filling adhesive Read more

Quiet Vac Products Quiet Vac

Beam says the Model 3700 Serenity IQS is one of the quietest, most powerful central vacuum systems available Read more

A Smaller GFCI Products A Smaller GFCI

Leviton says the SmartlockPro Slim Self-Test GFCI is 25 percent smaller than a typical GFCI receptacle, making it easier to fit the wires in the box Read more

Prepainted Trim Products Prepainted Trim

Finished Elegance molding comes in 27 profiles Read more

Lead Cleaner Products Lead Cleaner

According to the maker, Ledizolv detergent is biodegradable and dissolves lead dust more effectively than multipurpose cleaners or chemicals Read more

Clean Glue Products Clean Glue

Safecoat Almighty Adhesive construction adhesive is environmentally safe and nontoxic, says the maker Read more

Mortar for Glass Tiles Products Mortar for Glass Tiles

Laticrete says its Glass Tile Adhesive cures to an ultra-white color that enhances the appearance of translucent tiles Read more

Five-Sided Dust Barrier Products Five-Sided Dust Barrier

The Encapsulator Workbag upacks into a 5x8-foot "clean room" Read more

Appliance Trim Products Appliance Trim

There's a Micro-Trim kit to fit almost any microwave, range, or cooktop, says the company Read more

Beer Fridge Products Beer Fridge

The Dual-Tap Beverage Dispenser holds two one-sixth barrels of beer or a single quarter barrel Read more

Handcrafted Levels Toolbits Handcrafted Levels

Crick Levels are made of laminated wood and stainless steel Read more

Adjustable Flooring Spacer Products Adjustable Flooring Spacer

Turn the AV2's dial to get the shim size you need Read more

Lenox Tubing Mini Cutter Toolbits Lenox Tubing Mini Cutter

The Tight Space Tubing Cutter is a knuckle-saver Read more

Duo-Fast Cap Nailer Does Double-Duty Products Duo-Fast Cap Nailer Does Double-Duty

Just push a button on the DF175-CN to shut off the cap feed Read more

Shine On, Lustron Backfill Shine On, Lustron

These vintage prefabricated steel homes have stood the test of time Read more

Other Articles
From the JLC Forums Big Crown

Keeping miters tight in large crown molding profiles Read more

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