August 2013 Table of Contents

What's New in Kitchens and Baths What's New in Kitchens and Baths

For clients struggling with product selections, these materials and fixtures may help seal the deal Read more

An Air-Sealing Priority List An Air-Sealing Priority List

To cost-effectively meet air-sealing requirements for new construction, some leaks matter more than others. Read more

Lightweight Framing Guns TOOL TEST Lightweight Framing Guns

These sub-8-pound guns are comfortable to use and surprisingly powerful Read more

Letters Fall Protection for Holes

A personal fall-arrest system does not meet OSHA's requirements for holes, says this letter-writer Read more

Choosing the Right Grout Choosing the Right Grout

When should you use a cement-based grout, and when is epoxy grout a better choice? Tile pro Michael Byrne has some recommendations. Read more

Are Birdmouths in Rafters Necessary? Q&A Are Birdmouths in Rafters Necessary?

Now that there are alternative methods using ripped strips and metal connectors, why are we still cutting birdsmouths in rafters? Read more

On The Job
Mixing Cladding with Manufactured Stone On the Job Mixing Cladding with Manufactured Stone

Make sure you get the water-management details right the first time around. Read more

Recessed Can Covers Products Recessed Can Covers

The Tenmat FF130E insulation protection cover keeps insulation away from recessed light fixtures Read more

Insulated Structural Sheathing Products Insulated Structural Sheathing

Zip System R-Sheathing combines a Zip panel and polyiso foam Read more

Windows Menu Products Windows Menu

The highly customizable 1500 Vinyl Collection makes it easier to specify PlyGem windows Read more

Reclaimed Vanity Products Reclaimed Vanity

The handcrafted Americana Vanity Hutch is made from textured wood rescued from old structures Read more

Resin Studs Products Resin Studs

The EcoStud stud and track system is for use in non-load-bearing walls Read more

Truss and Rafter Screw Products Truss and Rafter Screw

The SDWC structural wood screw fastens trusses and rafters to top plates without hardware Read more

Ultimate Hood Products Ultimate Hood

The Best WPD38 range hood is designed for use in outdoor kitchens Read more

Composite Decking Products Composite Decking

BamDeck 3G is made from 60% reclaimed bamboo fibers and 40% recycled HDPE plastics Read more

Sticks to Concrete Products Sticks to Concrete

Florprufe polyolefin vapor barrier glues itself to the underside of a concrete slab Read more

PVC Trim Adhesive Products PVC Trim Adhesive

PVC Trim Welder comes in fast- and slow-curing formulations and laminate grade Read more

Efficient Fireplace Products Efficient Fireplace

The direct-vent Energy Pro Gas Fireplace can also serve as a central furnace Read more

Quick Cable Products Quick Cable

The TimberTech CableRail works with composite rail systems that have structural wood posts inside composite sleeves Read more

Stabila LD 420 Laser Distance Meter Toolbox Stabila LD 420 Laser Distance Meter

A new contender gets high marks Read more

Mobil Air Tri-Stack Compressor Toolbox Mobil Air Tri-Stack Compressor

How does Ridgid's new oil-free 5-gallon compressor stack up against conventional twin-stacks? Read more

Classic Drywall Knife Toolbox Classic Drywall Knife

After 75 years, Stanley's fixed-blade No. 199 utility knife is still one of the most popular drywall knives out there Read more

Cabinet Clamps Toolbox Cabinet Clamps

Pony Cabinet Claws speed installation of face-frame cabinets Read more

Production Demolition Comes to Detroit Backfill Production Demolition Comes to Detroit

A nonprofit intends to do for demolition what an earlier generation did for production building Read more

Other Articles
Box Newel With a Metal Stanchion From the Forums Box Newel With a Metal Stanchion

Steel comes in handy to stiffen a newel post Read more

Framing a Basement Ceiling From the JLC Forums Framing a Basement Ceiling

Forum members debate various methods for framing a flat ceiling to accept drywall in a finished basement Read more

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