January 2013 Table of Contents

Tool Test: Laser Distance Meters Tool Test: Laser Distance Meters

These compact, precise measures complement traditional tapes Read more

Precut Framing Precut Framing

Factory-cut engineered joists and rafters can reduce labor costs and job-site waste Read more

Do Synthetic Underlayments Make for Better Roofs? Do Synthetic Underlayments Make for Better Roofs?

While some old pros are sticking with organic felts because they're low-priced and breathable, many are moving to synthetics for greater flexibility Read more

From the JLC Forums Lifting a 600-Pound Beam

Contributors to the Rough Framing Forum discuss preferred ways to lift heavy framing members Read more

Making Small EIFS Repairs Q&A Making Small EIFS Repairs

A stucco contractor explains how to patch minor nicks and abrasions in EIFS while matching the original finish. Read more

The Secret to Cleaning Old Beams Q&A The Secret to Cleaning Old Beams

Soap and water, oxalic acid, or wire brushing won't always work; fortunately, there's another option. Read more

Can a Roof Truss Be Repaired? Can a Roof Truss Be Repaired?

Because making a seat-of-the-pants field repair to a compromised truss exposes you to legal liability, it's best to have an engineer approve your plan. Read more

On The Job
Three Ways to Vent a Soffit On the Job Three Ways to Vent a Soffit

Cor-A-Vent corrugated polypropylene vents offer a low-profile soffit alternative to metal strip vents and perforated fiber-cement panels Read more

The 10-Minute Profit Check Business The 10-Minute Profit Check

Checking weekly that actual expenses are in line with the estimate alerts you to overruns Read more

Tough Mesh Products Tough Mesh

SlimGuard Gutter Guard installs inside the gutter without caulk or screws Read more

Binding Primer Products Binding Primer

Peel Stop Paint Primer is three times thicker than standard primers, says the maker Read more

Smoke Blocker Products Smoke Blocker

Touch n Seal says FireStop Gun Foam is approved as a through-penetration firestop sealant Read more

Wireless Security Sensor Wireless Security Sensor

The Verilock is available as an add-on to Andersen's E-Series/Eagle windows and sliding doors Read more

New Stair Options Products New Stair Options

Outwater has added several new finishes to its line of Traditional Staircase Elements Read more

No More Sonotubes Products No More Sonotubes

Reinforced-concrete Perma-Columns keep wood posts away from ground moisture Read more

Hybrid Knobs Products Hybrid Knobs

Atlas Homewares' Modern Bronze Finish is a cross between traditional oil-rubbed bronze and modern graphite grey Read more

Extra-Warm Tub Products Extra-Warm Tub

The York tub retains heat better than other baths, says its maker Read more

Faux Shakes Faux Shakes

Bellaforte polymer roofing shakes can be installed to look like rough-hewn wood shakes Read more

Double Duty Products Double Duty

Premium Plus Zero VOC Interior Paint combines the primer and finish coat in one product Read more

Disappearing Ridge Vent Products Disappearing Ridge Vent

The SmartRidge vent has a baffle on one side only so it's hidden from the street Read more

Clean Woodburner Products Clean Woodburner

The Lopi Cape Cod Woodstove is billed as the cleanest-burning large cast-iron stove available Read more

JoistPro Metal-Connector Nailers Toolbox JoistPro Metal-Connector Nailers

Two Senco hardware nailers are put to the test Read more

Super Stirrer Toolbits Super Stirrer

The StirWhip's "fingers" are both flexible and strong Read more

Less Clutter Toolbits Less Clutter

The Ladder Lift makes it easy to store even heavy ladders overhead Read more

Rotary Hammer Toolbits Rotary Hammer

Makitaís LXTX2 is an update of the HRH01, except it uses two 18-volt batteries (instead of a single 36V) Read more

Compact Powerhouse Toolbits Compact Powerhouse

People who have tried the new M12 Fuel drivers say they pack a lot of power for their size Read more

Pencil Sculptures Backfill Pencil Sculptures

Carpenter Dalton Ghetti carved these remarkable miniatures out of lead with razor blades and sewing needles Read more

Other Articles
Whatever Happened to 30# Felt? Whatever Happened to 30# Felt?

Asphalt-impregnated felt — aka tar paper — enjoyed a 100-year run as the preeminent roofing and siding underlayment. Read more

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