July 2013 Table of Contents

Bracing Walls for Wind: Adjustment Factors

Adjustment factors for one- and two-story structures Read more

Fast, Safe, and Accurate Tile Cutting Fast, Safe, and Accurate Tile Cutting

Michael Byrne's pro tips for choosing and using the right tool for cutting and shaping tile. Read more

Bracing Walls for Wind Bracing Walls for Wind

You can frame a wall without hiring an engineer -- but plan review may give you brain cramps Read more

LED Lighting Essentials LED Lighting EssentialsLED Lighting EssentialsLED Lighting EssentialsLED Lighting Essentials LED Lighting Essentials

Here's what you need to know to choose the right bulb Read more

A Historic Building Gets an Energy Upgrade A Historic Building Gets an Energy Upgrade

Satisfying the commissions while bringing an 1840s building up to 21st-century energy-efficiency standards presented a challenge Read more

Q&A Replace the Deck Framing or Just Re-Skin?

A re-skin is a great lower-cost alternative to building a whole new deck, provided the existing framing is up to the task Read more

Attaching Posts to a Rooftop Deck Q&A Attaching Posts to a Rooftop Deck

How to mount newel posts to a deck on a flat roof without cutting into the roof Read more

Business Tips for Would-Be Remodelers

New-home builders transitioning to remodeling need to watch out for these issues Read more

Comfort Sync Thermostat Products Comfort Sync Thermostat

This feature-rich controller can be operated over the Internet via smart phone or tablet Read more

Slab Repair Products Slab Repair

Abatron’s BestBond Crack Repair liquid-epoxy compound goes on with a standard caulk gun Read more

Backlit LED Product Backlit LED

Its maker says the TerraLux Decorative LED looks just as nice in a pendant fixture as a conventional halogen bulb Read more

Deck Anchor Products Deck Anchor

The DeckLok anchor is designed for lateral connections on exterior decks Read more

Insulated Lumber Products Insulated Lumber

Trus Joist's TJ Insulated Structural Framing Components make it a little easier to build energy-efficient houses Read more

Designed for Reliability Products Designed for Reliability

Rinnai’s Ultra Series condensing tankless water heater puts the heat exchanger on the bottom Read more

Easy Dome Products Easy Dome

The Universal Dome Kit simplifies the framing for an elegant ceiling detail Read more

Brick-Mold Flange Products Brick-Mold Flange

DuPont's Straight Flash VF is a self-adhered Tyvek flashing membrane with release paper on both faces Read more

PVC-Compatible Biscuits Products PVC-Compatible Biscuits

Versatex's #20 Plastic Biscuits are used to join PVC trim boards Read more

Rigid Insulation Baffle Products Rigid Insulation Baffle

The Smart Baffle is made from corrugated plastic and comes in versions for 16-inch and 24-inch framing Read more

TS 55 REQ Track Saw Toolbox TS 55 REQ Track Saw

It's hard to beat Festool's ease of use and exceptional dust control, but be prepared to pay Read more

Work Vans Toolbox Work Vans

There are a lot of choices out there for builders and remodelers Read more

RotoZip RotoSaw RotoZip RotoSaw

This tool didn't last any longer than the author's other drywall routers, but its excellent warranty helped make up for it Read more

Smart Driver Toolbox Smart Driver

DeWalt's 8V MAX Gyroscopic Screwdriver responds to your grip Read more

Other Articles
Lighting Facts Label Lighting Facts Label

Since January 1, 2012, the FTC has required manufacturers to display a "Lighting Facts Label" on the packaging for medium screw-base LEDs. Read more

From the JLC Forums Threads from the JLC Forums

A nasty fall and 21-gauge finish nailers Read more

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