June 2013 Table of Contents

Plaster Repair Strategies Plaster Repair Strategies

Minimize demolition by patching cracks, resurfacing with fabric, or adding a layer of drywall Read more

Drying Wet Framing Drying Wet Framing

In tight houses, make sure the frame is dry before closing up the walls Read more

Framing a Roof With I-Joists Framing a Roof With I-Joists

Tim Uhler shares his tips and tricks for working efficiently with I-joist rafters. Read more

Letters Solar Skeptics

Reader feedback on "Deck Mounting a Photovoltaic System" Read more

Letters Roof Rules

Reader feedback on "Roofers Face Flood of New State Laws" Read more

Letters Good Idea

Reader feedback on JLC's "Roof Truss Repair" Q&A Read more

On The Job
Repairing a Greek Revival Column On the Job Repairing a Greek Revival Column

As part of the restoration of this 160-year-old Greek Revival's stately front porch, its Doric colonnade was repaired stave by stave. Read more

Using a Simple Timecard to Collect Labor History Business Using a Simple Timecard to Collect Labor History

Gather accurate information for your estimates Read more

Wall-Outlet Toilet Products Wall-Outlet Toilet

The two-piece Riose toilet is designed for retrofits where the floor won’t accommodate a drain pipe Read more

Quick Workstation Products Quick Workstation

Saves time with fast and easy setup and breakdown Read more

Energy Savers Products Energy Savers

Marvin has added a triple-pane glazing option to its Wood-Ultrex casements and awnings Read more

Low Profile Products Low Profile

Embassy Ceilings look nicer than conventional suspended ceilings and eat up less headroom Read more

Compact HRV Products Compact HRV

The Flex 100H heat-recovery ventilator is designed for homes with less than 2,000 square feet of floor space Read more

Slow Burner Products Slow Burner

Weyerhaeuser’s Flak Jacket is an intumescent fire-resistant coating for Trus Joist TJIs Read more

Club House Decking Product Club House Decking

This PVC product's core is engineered for strength and water resistance, says the maker Read more

On Track On Track

Festool's new TS 55 REQ track saw is a redesign of the TS 55 EQ Read more

Liquid Flashing Product Liquid Flashing

People who don’t like to detail flashing tape around pipes might consider Huber's Zip Liquid Flashing Read more

Built-in Window Operator Product Built-in Window Operator

Andersen’s low-voltage Automatic Operator can control up to four windows Read more

Band-Joist Solution Products Band-Joist Solution

Fill the fire-rated Insul Cube with blown insulation, then friction-fit between the joists Read more

Garage Ventilator Garage Ventilator

This 7-cfm continuous-exhaust fan goes on the floor and ducts to the outside Read more

Instant Dust Door Products Instant Dust Door

The Zip Door can be installed in less than a minute Read more

Q Premier Boiler Products Q Premier Boiler

A 132,000-Btu boiler and a 24-gallon charged indirect hot-water tank in one compact unit Read more

Azek PVC Column Wrap Products Azek PVC Column Wrap

Wrap the three connected panels around the post, then lock the fourth panel in place Read more

Composite Beadboard Products Composite Beadboard

Boral’s Tru Exterior Trim is made from fly ash and polymers Read more

Central Vac Products Central Vac

The Intervac is an inexpensive alternative to a whole-house vacuum Read more

SEER 25 Air Conditioner Products SEER 25 Air Conditioner

Lennox says the XC25 can dehumidify a house without overcooling it Read more

No-Prime Spackle Product No-Prime Spackle

3M's Patch Plus Primer could come in handy for small patching jobs Read more

Shower Niche Kits Products Shower Niche Kits

These niches have sealed corners and integrated flanges Read more

Light Control Products Light Control

ODL's Array door-light system fits doors that accept a 22-inch by 64-inch glazing panel Read more

Tight Ladder Products Tight Ladder

The Energy Seal Attic Ladder has integrated weatherstripping to reduce air leakage Read more

Germ-Fighting Faucets Products Germ-Fighting Faucets

Moen says its "Microban antimicrobial protection" prevents bacterial growth on faucet surfaces Read more

Easy Chair Products Easy Chair

Prolok rebar and mesh chairs have locking heads, so no bar ties are required Read more

Quick Cable Rails Products Quick Cable Rails

A minimalist look for interiors and exteriors Read more

Dust-Free Adhesive Anchoring Toolbox Dust-Free Adhesive Anchoring

Hilti's HIT-HY 200 adhesive anchoring system for anchor rods and rebar dowels is approved by ICC-ES for use in uncracked or cracked concrete in all seismic zones Read more

21-Gauge Nailers Toolbox 21-Gauge Nailers

Fans say these oft-overlooked tools offer real benefits Read more

Skil MAG77LT Wormdrive Saw Toolbox Skil MAG77LT Wormdrive Saw

This tool is the lightest 71/4-inch wormdrive or hypoid model on the market Read more

Pelican 2720 LED Headlight Toolbox Pelican 2720 LED Headlight

A great little lamp with lots of features Read more

Toolbox Orbital Recips

What's the difference between orbital and nonorbital cutting action? Read more

Hammervac Universal Dust Extractor Toolbits Hammervac Universal Dust Extractor

Milwaukee's filter fits most major brands of SDS-plus rotary hammers and hammer drills Read more

Versatile Storage Toolbits Versatile Storage

Offer ProSlat wall storage as part of a garage upgrade or use it in your shop Read more

PAMtite Hot-Melt Glue Gun Toolbits PAMtite Hot-Melt Glue Gun

Lays down a bead of thermoplastic adhesive that sets five minutes after application Read more

Not Just for Drywall Toolbits Not Just for Drywall

The Jab Saw can handle several materials, from metal to PVC Read more

Clean Cutter Toolbits Clean Cutter

The Diablo 10-inch Ultimate Flawless Finish blade cuts easier than many other carbide blades Read more

Cellular Alarm Toolbits Cellular Alarm

The GSM Cable Lock guards table saws and other stationary tools left on the job site Read more

Bug-Resistant Clothing Toolbits Bug-Resistant Clothing

Insect Repellent Work Wear protects against ticks, flies, and mosquitoes Read more

16V MaxLithium Impact Driver Toolbits 16V MaxLithium Impact Driver

More powerful than 12-volt drivers, but lighter and more compact than 18- and 20-volt models Read more

The Fine Art of Floor Planing Backfill The Fine Art of Floor Planing

Catch a glimpse of how floors were finished in the 19th century France in "Les Raboteurs de Parquet” (1876), by Impressionist painter Gustave Caillebotte. Read more

Other Articles
Carpet Board Products Carpet Board

NyloBoard composite decking contains recycled carpet fiber instead of sawdust Read more

From the JLC Forums When Can I Throw Away My ...

From a March 2013 discussion about business tools that are becoming obsolete Read more

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