October 2016 Table of Contents

Flashing Recessed Windows Flashing Recessed Windows

Lessons in how to avoid costly mistakes when waterproofing complex window openings Read more

High-Performance Insulated Wall Retrofits High-Performance Insulated Wall Retrofits

Here's how to upgrade wall insulation with a vapor-open assembly that corrects durability and comfort problems while saving energy. Read more

Preventing Leaks in Tiled Showers Preventing Leaks in Tiled Showers

Detail the pan properly before any tile is installed Read more

Training the Trades
Standing on the Front Line Standing on the Front Line

Contractors need to form partnerships with teachers to help improve trade education. Read more

Best Flashing for Concrete? Best Flashing for Concrete?

Aluminum should be avoided, but what else can you use for flashing with concrete? Read more

Installing Doors Before Carpet Is Laid

Use a slightly different approach when installing doors before carpeting. Read more

On the Job
Cripple-Wall Failure Cripple-Wall Failure

Tens of thousands of wood-framed houses in the Bay Area were built on short cripple walls set on shallow concrete footings. Failures are common. Read more

Repairing Vinyl Siding Repairing Vinyl Siding

A cure for failing siding Read more

What Are You Doing With Your Life? What Are You Doing With Your Life?

Can you remember all the excitement ... and pain ... when you were starting out in the trades? Read more

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