December 2017 Table of Contents

The Cordless Framing Site The Cordless Framing Site

Battery-powered tools have evolved to the point that it no longer makes sense to trip over extension cords. Read more

The Future of Framing The Future of Framing

Some builders are not necessarily waiting for the next generation of carpenters to be trained Read more

Custom Concrete Surfaces Custom Concrete Surfaces

Shop-fabricated concrete adds a custom touch to windowsills and other interior tops Read more

Training the Trades
Weatherizing a Double-Wall Metal Chimney Weatherizing a Double-Wall Metal Chimney

Here's the right way to air-seal and insulate an existing double-wall metal chimney. Read more

Block or Poured Concrete Foundation? Block or Poured Concrete Foundation?

Each method has advantages and disadvantages, but more often than not the deciding factor is where you live. Read more

The ‘Buy-In’ The ‘Buy-In’

Steve Baczek explains how a pre-construction meeting between architect and the building crew offsite can result in a smoother and more profitable job. Read more

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