February 2017 Table of Contents

Two Essential Saw Stands for Finish Carpentry Two Essential Saw Stands for Finish Carpentry

Build these slick table saw and miter saw stands in your own shop from plywood and commercially-available clamping and measuring products. Read more

Cool New Tools for 2017 Cool New Tools for 2017

Eight noteworthy products from the annual STAFDA show Read more

On The Job
Replacing Basement Windows Replacing Basement Windows

Manny Silva explains how to build rot-resistant PVC frames and fit them with energy-efficient sashes. Read more

Repairing Plaster Interiors Repairing Plaster Interiors

Myron Ferguson's tips and techniques for making plaster repairs that don’t require rocking over or demolishing the entire surface. Read more

Training The Trades
A Perfect Partnership On My Plate A Perfect Partnership

A little taste of the big stuff going on in this editor’s life Read more

The Reluctant Bean Counter The Reluctant Bean Counter

Learning how to read your bookkeeper's reports is the first step in managing your company's finances. Is your bookkeeper giving you the information you need? Read more

Modified vs. Unmodified Thinset Modified vs. Unmodified Thinset

Tile expert Tom Meehan explains how to choose between these two common tile-setting materials for your project. Read more

A Railing in Light and Shadow A Railing in Light and Shadow

Former JLC editor Dave Holbrook tackles a unique project: a solid mahogany deck railing with a repeating sine-wave pattern. Read more

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