April 2018 Table of Contents

Air Sealing That Works Air Sealing That Works

A practical guide to building affordable, extremely tight house shells using standard materials and repeatable details. Read more

Framing Problems and Solutions Framing Problems and Solutions

A smorgasbord of specialized structural components was needed to manage this complex project's long spans and heavy point loads. Read more

Training the Trades
Window Air-Sealing Basics Window Air-Sealing Basics

A guide for new crew on how to air-seal a window with foam sealant or with foam backer rod and caulk. Read more

What's an Electrical 'Pigtail', and When Do You Need One? What's an Electrical 'Pigtail', and When Do You Need One?

Though not mentioned in the code, a pigtail serves an important function that you should know about. Read more

On The Job
Setting Precast Footings Setting Precast Footings

How a Massachusetts contractor perfectly aligned multiple precast piers for a 78-ft. long porch. Read more

Two New Ladders From Werner Two New Ladders From Werner

The Dual Purpose and LeanSafe ladders solve some common set-up problems Read more

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