April 2019 Table of Contents

Upgrading the Load Path Upgrading the Load Path

To resist hurricane-force winds, homes need beefed-up roof details and a continuous foundation-to-ridge load path. Read more

Air-Sealing a Masonry Party Wall Air-Sealing a Masonry Party Wall

A masonry parge and fluid-applied membrane are the keys to performance. Read more

Training the Trades
Installing Flanged Windows Installing Flanged Windows

After framing and roofing, there is no step more basic to building a house than installing windows. Read more

Fireproofing Asphalt Shingles Fireproofing Asphalt Shingles

In a fire-prone area, using Class A-rated shingles is just part of a sound fire-prevention strategy. Read more

Installing Can Lights in an Eaves Soffit Installing Can Lights in an Eaves Soffit

With the right fixtures, you shouldn't have a problem. Read more

On the Job
Effective Foundation Waterproofing Effective Foundation Waterproofing

Neither complicated nor expensive, Jake Bruton's system works extremely well to fend off water problems. Read more

A Useful Built-In Window Seat A Useful Built-In Window Seat

To create space in their children’s bedroom, Barrett Sites suggested adding a window seat with a piano-hinged lid that would make a great toy box. Read more

Understanding Profit Understanding Profit

For all the information given us about the how-to of capturing profit, little is said about why we must make a profit. Read more

A Vegetated PV Roof

Green roof, or photovoltaic roof — why not both? Read more

What a Long, Strange Drip It’s Been What a Long, Strange Drip It’s Been

Read how a simple drip edge installation error led to rotted sheathing and framing and bug- and mold-infested insulation. Read more

Tools of the Trade
Water Table Water Table

Tile saws seem to be either fully-featured, water-cooled piles of awesome or rattle-trap store brands. There is very little occupying the middle of the road. Read more

Mega Miter Mega Miter

Jet is out with a sensibly feature-rich 12-inch slider. Read more

Worx Bench Worx Bench

It collapses into a compact-enough shape and it’s just the right height for my table saw. Read more

Slide to the Left Chisel Sharpener Slide to the Left Chisel Sharpener

By sliding back and forth (in a dovetail aluminum channel) the M-Powertools Fastrack jig leads to a sharp edge. Read more

Trade Tips
Let There Be Light Let There Be Light

A quick and easy solution to jobsite lighting Read more

Dead Reckoning Craftsmanship Dead Reckoning Craftsmanship

As a former Air Force navigator, I have a special affinity for compass roses, and I thought that this would be a perfect spot for one. Read more

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