December 2019 Table of Contents

Mixing Your Own Concrete Mixing Your Own Concrete

John Carroll explains how to save time and money with a small mixer and a little bit of elbow grease. Read more

Cordless Rear-Handle Saws Cordless Rear-Handle Saws

Tim Uhler tests five battery-powered framing saws to see if they have the power and endurance to match their corded counterparts. Read more

Training the Trades
Scribing Basics Scribing Basics

Learn how to fit baseboard and other kinds of interior trim to floors that aren't flat and walls that aren't even. Read more

Mono-Slope Roof Flashing Mono-Slope Roof Flashing

Mike Guertin explains the best way to seal the top edge of a simple shed roof against the weather. Read more

Caulk or Grout in Shower Corners? Caulk or Grout in Shower Corners?

Tom Meehan says you can use either one, as long as you follow a few simple guidelines. Read more

On the Job
Rafter Framing for a Conical Roof Rafter Framing for a Conical Roof

Learn how a New Jersey builder tackled the tricky framing needed to build the roof of a turret-style porch. Read more

Restoring a Fire-Damaged Home Restoring a Fire-Damaged Home

Learn how one Vermont contractor juggled the wishes of his client with the demands of their insurance company while rebuilding their fire-damaged house. Read more

Repairing Plaster Walls in a Historic Home Repairing Plaster Walls in a Historic Home

Learn how father-and-son plaster experts Ron and William Bisson restore damaged plaster walls using traditional materials and techniques. Read more

Building a Worker-Centered Crew - Part 2 Building a Worker-Centered Crew - Part 2

Why patience is important when training a new apprentice; remember, nobody was born knowing how to read a tape measure. Read more

The Solar-Ready Rooftop The Solar-Ready Rooftop

Ted Cushman explains the key factors that determine a home’s suitability for on-site generation of power. Read more

Reversible Siding Profile Reversible Siding Profile

The new profile comes in two configurations: with smooth nickel gap on one side and wood-grain shiplap on the other, or with woodgrain nickel gap on one side and smooth shiplap on the other. Read more

Upgraded Pocket Door Frame Upgraded Pocket Door Frame

The switch to galvanized steel from steel-wrapped wood makes the frame’s walls stronger, more rigid, and more resistant to doors flexing or bowing in and out, according to the manufacturer. Read more

LED Cabinet Lighting LED Cabinet Lighting

The 40 new lighting options from Jasco range from plug-in or direct-wire LED strips to recessed puck lights. Read more

Wood-Framed Windows Wood-Framed Windows

Pella’s new Lifestyle Series of wood windows and patio doors incorporates the company’s patented glass, which Pella says is designed to reduce outside noise and improve energy efficiency. Read more

UV-Resistant Flashing UV-Resistant Flashing

The redesigned membrane, traditionally used for balcony and breezeway details, includes a white polymer surface film that triples the 60-day UV resistance of the original product to 180 days. Read more

Mind and Hand Mind and Hand

Why an old idea - that work with the hands is a necessary foundation for a sound education - still resonates today. Read more

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