July 2019 Table of Contents

State of the Art HVAC State of the Art HVAC

An Austin, Texas-based energy expert explains his five keys to flawless space conditioning. Read more

How Not to Kill Your Client How Not to Kill Your Client

Energy saving is not the only reason for air sealing the garage wall. Read more

Custom-Built Radiused Starter Steps Custom-Built Radiused Starter Steps

Scribing and cutting to curves adds to the challenge Read more

Training the Trades
Heat Transfer Through Buildings Heat Transfer Through Buildings

An introduction to some building-science basics Read more

Avoiding Problems With Flash-and-Batt Insulation Avoiding Problems With Flash-and-Batt Insulation

Here's how thick the foam layer in a flash-and-batt system needs to be to prevent condensation within the building assembly. Read more

On the Job
Reinforcing a Weak Foundation Reinforcing a Weak Foundation

Jake Lewandowski explains how to pour a “bench wall,” which is a reinforced retaining wall poured against and tied into the original foundation wall. Read more

Restoring a Gothic Porch Restoring a Gothic Porch

The house definitely has a bit of character. It's also recognized as a landmark property, but half its porch had been removed and needed to be restored. Read more

Getting Change Orders Right Getting Change Orders Right

A change is a change, and if that change originated with the client, you deserve to be paid for it. Read more

Addressing Embodied Carbon Addressing Embodied Carbon

With clarity and insight, Ted Cushman captures the essential issues around a growing trend in how we assess the impact of buildings. Read more

Tools of the Trade
Four-Speed Impact Driver Four-Speed Impact Driver

Ben Bogie reviews the Makita XDT12Z : Compact, powerful, and versatile. Read more

Salvaging a Hero's Home Salvaging a Hero's Home

An historic farmhouse was documented, dismantled and stored with an eye towards reconstruction in late 2020. Read more

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