June 2019 Table of Contents

Layout for a Brick Staircase Layout for a Brick Staircase

Precise measuring and mason’s twine keep courses straight. Read more

Defining Efficiency Goals Defining Efficiency Goals

A process for selling performance in new homes Read more

A Partial Foundation Retrofit A Partial Foundation Retrofit

Save what’s solid and replace what’s not Read more

Training the Trades
Installing an Exterior Door Installing an Exterior Door

John Spier explains why exterior doors are the most challenging of all of the penetrations in a home’s building envelope, and how to install them so they don't sag or leak. Read more

Installing Glass Tile With Mesh Backing Installing Glass Tile With Mesh Backing

Tile pro Tom Meehan explains how to prevent the backing on transparent glass mosaic tile from showing through. Read more

Air-Sealing a Brick Wall Air-Sealing a Brick Wall

Make sure the wall is well-pointed, then apply your choice of material on the inside to stop air ingress while still allowing water-vapor transfer. Read more

On the Job
Custom Trim for Deep Windows Custom Trim for Deep Windows

Individually fabricated trims were required for the irregular window wells in this 230 year old farmhouse. Read more

Building Big Barn Doors Building Big Barn Doors

Built like scaled-up hollow-core doors, these extra large doors will stay flat and won't tear themselves off their hinges. Read more

Tools of the Trade
Standing Cool Standing Cool

Instead of refrigerants, this portable unit uses water evaporation, ambient air, and a specialized evaporative medium. Read more

Safety in a Cage Safety in a Cage

Knaack calls it the industry’s first one-stop-shop for jobsite safety. It's certainly heavy duty. Read more

Site Light Site Light

Milwaukee’s tough 130-watt Radius LED Temporary Site Light Read more

Safe Face Safe Face

I’ve used it so many times for so many things, I forget the original reason I bought it. Read more

Tape It Up Tape It Up

Designed for boating but perfect for the jobsite, MyMedic Boat Medic includes a wide range of medical supplies. Read more

As Best I Can As Best I Can

What one special client taught me about quality work and a job well done Read more

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