March 2019 Table of Contents

Blower Doors for Builders Blower Doors for Builders

Whether you’re building only to code or going way beyond code, a blower door has become an essential tool. Read more

Roofing Details That Work Roofing Details That Work

How to apply ice-barrier membranes and other roof flashings to prevent leaks. Read more

On the Job
Updated Boot-Flashing Installation Updated Boot-Flashing Installation

Mike Guertin has a better method for integrating the boot with the surrounding shingles and with the roof underlayment. Read more

Foundation Drainage for a Low-Lying Site Foundation Drainage for a Low-Lying Site

How a big culvert installed vertically next to a foundation acts as an exterior sump pit well, allowing groundwater to be pumped to daylight. Read more

As-Built Documentation on Steroids As-Built Documentation on Steroids

Technology is revolutionizing the face of construction documentation. Read more

Repairing Rotted Trusses Repairing Rotted Trusses

Read about the tools and techniques that a Chicago contractor used to fix damaged roof trusses supporting a third-floor deck. Read more

Tools of the Trade
Tools from the World of Concrete Tools from the World of Concrete

Editor Mark Clement picks out 6 small tools that can have big impacts on the job. Read more

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