May 2019 Table of Contents

Metal Roofing for a Turret Metal Roofing for a Turret

EPDM teams up with standing-seam metal at a complex intersection Read more

Exterior Trim in the Round Exterior Trim in the Round

The biggest challenge would be executing the design on a curve. Read more

Rescuing an Old Barn Rescuing an Old Barn

Jesper Kruse and the crew of Maine Passive House recently took on an old barn in Oxford, Maine, whose owner wanted to re-purpose the aging structure as a restaurant. Read more

Training the Trades
Rainscreen Basics Rainscreen Basics

When walls get wet (as they always do), Steve Baczek explains how a rainscreen assembly is the only reliable way to dry them out again. Read more

Exterior Air for a Masonry Wood-Burning Fireplace Exterior Air for a Masonry Wood-Burning Fireplace

Wood-burning masonry fireplaces are nice but come at a cost: They don’t offer much resistance to heat loss when not operating. Read more

Installing Exterior Trim Around a Flanged Window Installing Exterior Trim Around a Flanged Window

Three methods for getting window trim to lay flat against the wall Read more

On the Job
Tiling a Three-Season Porch Tiling a Three-Season Porch

A recipe for dealing with seasonal temperature swings and uneven, out-of-level conditions Read more

Finishing Oblique Drywall Corners Finishing Oblique Drywall Corners

If you're building a modern, high-performance home, do you really want the drywall taper to fix your work? Read more

Tools of the Trade
Lean In, Step Up Lean In, Step Up

Little Giant’s new King Kombo is not quite a stepladder, not quite an extension ladder—and certainly not quite a gadget. Read more

Pick Up, Punch Out Pick Up, Punch Out

Just because your nailers aren’t cordless yet, doesn’t mean your compressor can’t be. Read more

Kickin’ Work Boot Kickin’ Work Boot

More like a legitimate work boot than a weekend hiker. Read more

Custom Toolbelt Custom Toolbelt

Diamondback enables you to customize the belt and bags that hang on your waist. Read more

Smash and Grab: Truss Edition Tools of the Trade Smash and Grab: Truss Edition
Trade Tips
Tiny Baseboard Tip Tiny Baseboard Tip

Here’s a little trick for those small pieces of baseboard where the casing is close to an adjacent wall. Read more

The ‘Not So Successful’ Contractor The ‘Not So Successful’ Contractor

If you're a contractor who can laugh at yourself and industry stereotypes, you'll thoroughly enjoy this easy and entertaining read. Read more

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