November 2019 Table of Contents

Tiling a Walk-In Shower Tiling a Walk-In Shower

Tom Meehan describes how he used a combination of old and new materials and methods to build an attractive, accessible, and watertight shower. Read more

Low-Slope Roofing Details That Work Low-Slope Roofing Details That Work

Positive slope and easy drainage are keys to success Read more

A Foundation on Ledge A Foundation on Ledge

Learn how Maine carpenter Mark Pollard used rebar and epoxy to pin concrete piers to a sloping coastal site. Read more

Anchoring a Post to Old Concrete Steps Anchoring a Post to Old Concrete Steps

The final installation has to be strong enough to pass code. Read more

On the Job
Shiplap Trim Done Right Shiplap Trim Done Right

Learn new tips and tricks for installing this versatile interior trim product. Read more

Installing a Composite-Railing Kit Installing a Composite-Railing Kit

With this two-part design, no mounting brackets or fasteners connecting the balusters to the rails were visible. Read more

Building a Worker-Centered Crew - Part 1 Building a Worker-Centered Crew - Part 1

Read how a lead carpenter who mentors inexperienced crew members can play a key role in his company's success. Read more

Window Positioning in a Fat Wall Window Positioning in a Fat Wall

Learn about Flixo, an application that can be used to determine the optimum window placement in a wall assembly. Read more

Tools of the Trade
Cordless Concrete Mixer Cordless Concrete Mixer

With cordless high torque and low-speed power, DeWalt’s 60V Max drill can drill big holes and mix up concrete with ease. Read more

Finely-Evolved ‘Whiskey Stick’ Finely-Evolved ‘Whiskey Stick’

There's a lot of bang for the buck in Kapro's Condor series of levels, which come in 2-foot, 4-foot, and 6-foot versions. Read more

Biodegradable Gloves Biodegradable Gloves

Find out a veteran wood finisher's recommendation for a sturdy, inexpensive work glove that you can dispose of with a clean conscience. Read more

A Better Trim Demo Bar A Better Trim Demo Bar

Check out Dalluge's Japanese-inspired 24-inch trim demo bar; with both flat and claw-type prying surfaces, it's more versatile than a conventional flat bar. Read more

Shingling in Slo-Mo Shingling in Slo-Mo

JLC contributing editor Dave Holbrook bets that you've never shingled a house like this one. Read more

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